Dp P against a standing opponent

Can someone explain how this works and which characters it works with?

i know it works against a dizzied dudley, Q and hugo i think. and it can catch chun when she does spinning bird kick, yun and yang when they do stand hk and probably can catch other people while they’re doin their normals. it’s not really useful for grounded opponents cause you have to be really close for it to work

it’s pretty easy to do on elena.

my friend does ex wakeup makoto dp on my dudley all the time when i try to meaty him.

yes it is actually a good wakeup move…decent 50/50 guessing game, either low parry or EX, but the sad thing about this is you can just block…usually you can notice if someone is spamming this thing, but for the most part it’s usually gonna beat moves where their limbs are overlapping your sprite when you do it and as we all know the EX makes her move forward so…
i.e. would beat out Ken’s b+forward and st.roundhouse for example
but if Ken does close st.strong, no dice
I guess knowing which moves it beats just comes from experience (and throwing it out like 500+ times against everything to see what it can beat)

i found some odds spots to use her for ex DP too.

when yun does f.mk. i did that to escape genei jin block strings sometimes.

when ibuki does f.hk. it goes right under her but you gotta be pretty close it’s easy to do it to her f.mk

if your fightin a necro scrub who uses qcb+p ex fukage goes right under than too.

works against ryus over head and probably all the other shotos uov too maybe others.

usually when i see a move that looks like it only has a high hit box i try and ex fuk under it.

I have been using the Kara EX-Fukiage to ace limbs from the larger characters. She moves forward and ducks under A LOT of moves. I have had the best restuls with this against Urien and to some degree Hugo. With Hugo I tend to just use it to cross him up when he jumping in.

I used to only use it as an anti air but now I am starting to see if you train your eye to look for those mid and high moves you can use it like a ground based dragon punch or something…uhh… hard to explain. lol

The regular EX-Fukiage is OK too but when you kara it you dont have to get so close to them and it is still very fast.

yeah the kara ex-fukiage is very good when your expecting a jump in.