Down South Clash - Anderson SC - 7/30 - 3S/MvC2/CvS2/GGXXslash/T5/SC3/AE/A3

Down South Clash - Anderson SC - 7/30 - 3S/MvC2/CvS2/GGXXslash/T5/SC3/AE/HSFA

Down South Clash - Round One
UPDATE - A3 switched to Hyper Alpha!
UPDATE - We have some guys that want to run SSBM and Halo/Halo 2 on the side - if we get enough people, they might become tournaments.
UPDATE - Address updated due to some MapQuest problems. North Main St. = Clemson Boulevard
UPDATE - Individual game rules clarified for some that had questions
UPDATE - I wrote “concave” but meant “convex” when I made the post. The buttons on the machines are convex, outties, jap, etc
2 UPDATES! - EB has agreed to sponsor a gift card (amount unknown as of yet) and there will be T-shirt door prizes. Also, the restaraunt has agreed to open up the kitchen! So mexican grub and drinks will be available for purchase!
UPDATE - All you SOCOM 3 fans bring your PS2’s and network adapters - there’s a group coming that wants to get up some matches
UPDATE - CE-ism in Hyper Street Fighter Alpha is now BANNED

Sunday July 30th
Late Registration is 12:00 sharp - tournaments will start by 1:00pm

La Bamba
Market Place Shopping Center
3420 N Main Street
3420 Clemson Boulevard if you are MapQuesting
Anderson, South Carolina, 29621

Tournaments and Entry Fees (70/20/10 split + possible sponsorship):

Street Fighter III: Third Strike (arcade)
$5 entry, .25 pay as you play - Winner stays, loser pays
Cabinet has P360 sticks and jap (convex) buttons

Marvel vs. Capcom 2 (arcade)
$5 entry, .25 pay as you play - Winner stays, loser pays
Cabinet has P360 sticks and jap (convex) buttons

All other games on Playstation:

Guilty Gear XX: Slash - $8 ($5 to pot, $3 to house)
Soul Calibur 3 - $8 ($5 to pot, $3 to house)
Tekken 5 - $8 ($5 to pot, $3 to house)
Capcom vs. SNK 2 - $8 ($5 to pot, $3 to house)
Hyper Street Fighter Alpha - $8 ($5 to pot, $3 to house)
Street Fighter Anniversary Edition - $8 ($5 to pot, $3 to house)

Drinks and Chips/Salsa will be available for purchase
Bringing consoles and TV’s for casuals is welcome - there’s plenty of room



If there is any questions about rules, see the Final Round 9 rules (
No button mapping/shouldering of ANY KIND (ie: no RC buttons)

MvC2 - no game breaking glitches, winner keeps character and order, Jugg glitch ok

3s - winner keeps character, can change super art - ADDED: you cannot win by Judgement

CvS2 - RC is allowed, winner must keep characters and order - ADDED: No EX grooves (oops on missing that one), None of the 4 “super” characters allowed

GGXX / - ADDED: None of the following characters or types of characters are allowed: Reload, Gold, Shadow, EX characters, Kliff, Justice. Winner keeps same character

SC3 - winner keeps characters, Zasalamel re-throw 46B+ banned (single cancel + followup allowed), no Custom characters, all options off except Neutral Guard, 3/5 rounds at 50 seconds

T5 - no “last stage” - if it gets selected in random, choose another stage with no walls, players must agree on stage or pick randomly, 3/5 rounds, winner keeps character, ADDED: Steve sidestep infinite not allowed

AE - No Akuma, everyone else is fair game (yes this includes CE Bison and WW Guile), winner keeps character. Coin flips will be used before each MATCH to determine who picks first character. Loser picks new character after each match, winner keeps - loser may choose WWG or CEB if he/she wishes - in this case, another coin will be flipped to determine who gets who.

HA - CE-ism banned (Championship Edition versions of the OG 8 + bosses)

Most all of these games are going to be run simultaneously, so if you enter multiple games, make sure you stay close enough to hear your name called.

This tournament was not my idea, however the final product was the result of several people’s suggestions and input. If you have any suggestions you would like to make, please post them here.

Please pre-register for this tournament in this thread. Put your name, handle, location, and the games you want to play. For example:

Kyah Hicks "Runmaster"
Anderson, SC
MvC2, AE, A3

This is the first Anderson tournament since Outer Limits closed, so come check out the new scene. We hope to see you all there!

PreReg List (through post #132)

3rd Strike:

  1. Will Black “oyg” Greer, SC
  2. Mike Gibson “Tak” Greenville, SC
  3. John Stowe “JonnyQuest” Anderson, SC
  4. Christopher James II “ADVIII” Augusta, GA
  5. Kevin Hutchins “The_Gunslinger” Anderson, SC
  6. Joey Pham “Corkscrew Joe” Charlotte NC
  7. Larry S. Dixon Jr. “ShinBlanka” : Atlanta, Ga.
  8. Sora Arrington “Tron li” Augusta, GA
  9. Sami Ackerman “DrFunkenstein2k” Anderson, SC
  10. Tim Hiland “DaWasian” Gastonia, NC
  11. Steven Torman “GreyHat” Gastonia, NC
  12. Brian Torman “Kanca” Gastonia, NC
  13. Marques Brooks “CoosCoos” Augusta, Ga
  14. John Shelby “UncleBuck” Anderson, SC
  15. Deric Bogus “skitz” Montgomery, AL
  16. Trayveon Maxwell III “Cool-Breeze” Marietta GA
  17. Eric Jeffries “Eric J” Atlanta, GA
  18. Kyah Hicks “BobSmack” Anderson, SC
  19. Matthew Amacker “Silentness” Martinez (AUG), GA
  20. Jamall Hughes “RPD Rookie” Mobile, AL
  21. Michael Clark “Compton Ass Pete” Anderson, SC
  22. David “DaJewSancho” Watkins, Augusta, GA
  23. Jae Purvis “ShinRyuX” Greenville, SC
  24. Brandon Swett “brandowned” Charlotte, NC
  25. June Ro “dooboy” ATL, GA
  26. Andy “zugzug” Phaiboun, Marietta GA


  1. John Stowe “JonnyQuest” Anderson, SC
  2. Kevin Hutchins “The_Gunslinger” Anderson, SC
  3. Joey Pham “Corkscrew Joe” Charlotte NC
  4. Sora Arrington “Tron li” Augusta, GA
  5. Sami Ackerman “DrFunkenstein2k” Anderson, SC
  6. Charles Withers “Da Iceman” Augusta, GA
  7. Marques Brooks “CoosCoos” Augusta, Ga
  8. Deric Bogus “skitz” Montgomery, AL
  9. Trayveon Maxwell III “Cool-Breeze” Marietta GA
  10. Eric Jeffries “Eric J” Atlanta, GA
  11. Kyah Hicks “BobSmack” Anderson, SC
  12. Matthew Amacker “Silentness” Martinez (AUG), GA
  13. David “DaJewSancho” Watkins, Augusta, GA
  14. Jae Purvis “ShinRyuX” Greenville, SC
  15. Brandon Swett “brandowned” Charlotte, NC
  16. Andy “zugzug” Phaiboun, Marietta GA

Tekken 5:

  1. Mike Gibson “Tak” Greenville, SC
  2. Sora Arrington “Tron li” Augusta, GA
  3. Josh McWhorter “Icege” Charleston, SC
  4. Charles Withers “Da Iceman” Augusta, GA
  5. “CasaDon” Atlanta GA
  6. “Fists of Fury” Atlanta GA
  7. “Corum” Atlanta GA
  8. Tim Hiland “DaWasian” Gastonia, NC
  9. Steve Vining (Underoath) Augusta, GA
  10. Mike Johnson (Big Mike) Augusta, GA
  11. Eric Chester (Blaze) Augusta, GA
  12. Deric Bogus “skitz” Montgomery, AL
  13. Kyah Hicks “BobSmack” Anderson, SC
  14. Anakin, Atlanta, GA
  15. Edwin “Spider”, Atlanta, GA
  16. Thomas Towry “The Hurricane” Charleston, SC
  17. Jae Purvis “ShinRyuX” Greenville, SC
  18. Bach “12:51” Columbia, SC
  19. Byron “Lei Hates” Columbia, SC
  20. June Ro “dooboy” ATL, GA
  21. Chris Bane, ATL, GA

Hyper Alpha:

  1. John Stowe “JonnyQuest” Anderson, SC
  2. Christopher James II “ADVIII” Augusta, GA
  3. Larry S. Dixon Jr. “ShinBlanka” : Atlanta, Ga.
  4. Sami Ackerman “DrFunkenstein2k” Anderson, SC
  5. Deric Bogus “skitz” Montgomery, AL
  6. Eric Jeffries “Eric J” Atlanta, GA
  7. Jae Purvis “ShinRyuX” Greenville, SC


  1. John Stowe “JonnyQuest” Anderson, SC
  2. Sami Ackerman “DrFunkenstein2k” Anderson, SC
  3. John Shelby “UncleBuck” Anderson, SC
  4. Larry S. Dixon Jr. “ShinBlanka” Atlanta, Ga.


  1. Will Black “oyg” Greer, SC
  2. Eddie Wiggins “Dub” Asheville, NC
  3. Sora Arrington “Tron li” Augusta, GA
  4. Kris Hicks “DF2K” Mooresville, GA
  5. Deric Bogus “skitz” Montgomery, AL
  6. Matthew Amacker “Silentness” Martinez (AUG), GA


  1. Sora Arrington “Tron li” Augusta, GA
  2. John Shelby “UncleBuck” Anderson, SC
  3. Luke Gramling, Simpsonville, SC


  1. Sora Arrington “Tron li” Augusta, GA
  2. Sami Ackerman “DrFunkenstein2k” Anderson, SC
  3. Charles Withers “Da Iceman” Augusta, GA
  4. Matthew Amacker “Silentness” Martinez (AUG), GA
  5. Deric Bogus “skitz” Montgomery, AL
  6. Eric Jeffries “Eric J” Atlanta, GA
  7. John Stowe “JonnyQuest” Anderson, SC
  8. Ryan Cowley “ThaHungryWolf” Charleston, SC
  9. Jae Purvis “ShinRyuX” Greenville, SC

What’s the situation about the tv’s and consoles, especially for guilty gear slash and the magic swap dvds?

Will “Order-sol a burger” Black
Greer, SC

We have it covered - if anyone wants to bring extra TV’s and PS2’s, however, that would be cool - we still need a couple more.

Michael “Tak” Gibson
Greenville, SC
T5, 3S

Pokes head in

What would really be tight is having a Hyper Streetfighter Alpha Tournament. That would be real tight shawty.

What is this Hyper you speak of? I saw you posting in the GA thread about some new Alpha game but I had no idea what you were talking about. Call me on this sir…

John Stowe “JonnyQuest” Anderson, SC
mvc2, 3s, a3, ae.

Kyah, as you know, i’m not in town. Could you pass out flyers for me. simple, black and white, too the point. fresh fish. gut em, slice em, eat em up!

next year, i’ll plan this 5-6 months in advance and do it up big!

aww shit kyah still runnin tournys in andersons, the scene is not dead yet

OH SHIT Thra you betta come down! I haven’t seen my Charlotte peeps in too long.

I’m down. I hope we (GG guys) here in ATL can make some time (mostly them) to possibly show up to this tournament.

Do you think you can rent a T5DR cabinet? If you get one Jacksonville will make the trip.

There’s a DR at the theater across the street - I’m trying to possibly coordinate a tournament there as well.

You guys don’t play T5? We usually have a good many ATL players at our bigger events.

is there not a jap. version of t5 dr for ps2? magic swap that bitch if so…

No sir.

Eugene Johnson Jr.
ITG2, DDRSN, MK 3 , TMNT TF, Et. Champions, R.C. Ransom,
Nashville Tenn.

:rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

Christopher “ADVIII” James II
Augusta, Ga
3s, A3

kevin the gunslinger hutchins
anderson the city that always sleeps
marvel 3s

It’s the special mode you unlock on the new alpha collection that was released this week. That would be a tight addition to your tournament.

Also A3 is arcade perfect default in the collection. You have to tweak the dipswitches to get the arcade perfect A1, A2.

yeah that would be pretty tight…
it has parrying in it… haha… i haven’t played it but i was watching vdo and some of the other detroit cats playing it… sagat was a real bastard from what i saw and ryu has a new link into shin-srk… the parrying seems pointless… but i wasn’t playing so i can’t really say for sure…

deleted because i’m out of line…