Double jump comboing

no one is posting in teh cammy thread and since this can apply to more than one chracter imm post here.

how do u do those double jump comboes.

i.e. stirder cammy cyclops.

i do launch magic series and then by the time i double jump the other character is bellow my feet.

i tried holding up to jump but nothing happens, i think that u cant cancel a normal into a jump. then i tried just holding up nothing happens.

im specifually trying to figure out how ppl use cammy do the double jump and trow or just double jump and get another magic serires off this puzzles me

depends…some you wanna change timing some you just do fast

strider: lplkmpmk really quickly very slight delay lk dj. lplkmpmk
cammy: lplkmp vsd (very slight delay) lpmp dj. repeat>blah blah kba
captn america: lp vsd lp vsd lp dj. lplkmpmk and either vsd throw or hp>hk

DON’T HOLD UP, do combo…then double jump.

there’s plenty of other dj. combos

most (if not all) Double Jump combos require pauses/delay in them. Thats what makes it work and combo. It might be hard at first but after much pratice, you’ll get it down. Here’s one that I like to do with cammy

launch, LP, slight pause, LK, LP, Double Jump, LP, LK, LP, LK, drill XX KBA special

Also for me, personally it helps to press up Twice just incase the first UP that you tap, doesn’t register in the game. For specials, you might notice some people inputting the commands 2 times sometimes (in the arcades, whatever) cause it doesn’t always register into the game. most of the time it does, but not always.

You can find other double-jump but browsing the threads/topics. Heres a list of people of the top of my head, that have DJ combos

Psylocke (actually has a triple DJ combo)
ChunLi (also has a triple DJ combo too)
BB Hood
Captain America

Don’t forget that Cyclops has an infinite that requires a DJ. Just felt like throwing that in there.

I think you mean Capt america.
With cammy’s double jump combo into cannon drill XX KBA - it scales very quickly and from what I’ve seen (Haven’t tested it thoroughly) it seems to increase the chance the KBA misses after the first hit.

im trying to learn the double jump so i can do the trow which resets the counter and then do cannon drill kba


after i do a regular air combo XX KBA and i land and they dont roll so i otg them, it makes sense to just go for maximunm hits and not use the meter

practice on turbo 2, turbo, normal… the timing of the second jump should be somewhere in between double jumping up while the other characters falls down and/or hitting the quickest delayed combo after first magic series… which should happen if you are whiffing the second jump.


I find it much easier to double jump after a three hit. With cammy, bbhood, and strider, I do… launch, sj, lp, lk, lp, pause, dj, lp, lk, lp, lk whatever.

what is the easiest combo to do if i want to reset in the air like doing lp lk lp double jump the other side and hope the other guy doesnt block the right way and then do magic series air super etc. i was thinking

launch lp lp pause lp lp double jump to the other side then lk lk cannon drill KBA

do the three hit, but do it slower and double jump forwards