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To all,

It is with great pleasure that CSVagrant and I present our next video, Double Impact 2. For those who don’t know or who haven’t seen our first video, the combo display is all “dual combos”. You can see the original video by going to this thread:

You can download Double Impact 2 from here:


watch it on YouTube here:


We hope you find this video entertaining, or at least more entertaining than Double Impact 1. If you have a few spare seconds, we’d like to know what your favorite combo was. We’ll use those metrics to make better videos. :tup:

Thanks as always. -BTS & CSV

GOOD LORD! I loved the gief/mech geif combos

i think they should release MvsC on live and psn. make those combo’s stop at half way and increase the health regeneration bar the higher the combo gets

Very nice, like the first one!

I can only comment on these kind of things from a visual standpoint, though I appreciate the effort it takes to do this stuff so:

While I really liked all of the combos, Strider flying in from off screen to continue the combo in the third one (with Wolverine) really caught my eye. That just had something cool to it.

Dumb question: Do you think it would be possible to incorporate the breakable wall in the bathhouse stage into a combo at all?

In the 3rd video (in dev), we have a Spidey Venom combo at the bathhouse that pretty much goes all the way across.

Thanks for the comments guys, glad to know which combos you liked best.

Hmm, I think Bob wants to see the wall break during a combo from how he made it sound. I’m not sure though. -B

Yes. :lovin:

Sorry, I’m no good at the VS games, never really got into them, so it’s probably impossible and I should have known better. :sweat:
Anyway, yeah that was my question. Just thought it would look cool to break the wall during a combo and somehow continuing it afterward, possible maybe by using the second character somehow…

Well that was mindblowing. You two are too fuckin sick for ya own damn good. 3 is gonna be too nasty. Shadow Lady/Chun and the Ryu Change Combos were so nasty. Thank you for the entertainment.