aznhitler and others lets play dota

i will reinstall.


ive always wanted to but never had direction or help with it. id be glad to play if i had a bit of guidance…

yo, I play random tda most nights with some friends. Let me know when you’re playing. Msg me if Im on bnet jake00 or just aim me, my aim is under my av.

i knew it wasnt long before trash jake posted hes on dota right now

me, aznhitler, and some other houston players used to play dota a lot, but not so much lately. maybe if we re-gathered the crew we could all hop on.

Do any of you guys actually play just Frozen Throne and not UMS? I only know how to play the regular game and not Dota. I guess it wouldn’t hurt to pick it up.

dota only

jubjub9109 useast.

Are any of you good at dota?

jake is good

he likes to use necronomicon when lich pops his ult on him.

i want play

yup, that’s how I roll.

does anyone play in leagues? (tdt dont count, its too noob i hear and everyone hacks) i play on west, but if yall start hosting inhouses on east ill hop on.

im on west until i move to texas. bnet name: frvngnc