Doramammu Tech: Dark Matter and You

This thread will discuss the many uses o Dormammu’s command normal, Dark Matter :f::h:

Dark Matter - :f::h:

Move Data

Attack Data:
•Hits: 1
•Damage: 80,000

Frame Data:
•Startup Frames: 20
•Active Frames: –
•Recovery Frames: 26

•Frame Advantage on Hit: –
•Frame Advantage on Block: -3

Resets and Mix Ups:
This move is a great projectile command normal, and it gets across the screen very quick (After its 20 frames of startup) and you may be asking “But wait!! What about the 26 frames of recovery?!!?!?” Don’t worry, it’s Cancelable!

With this move being cancelable, a great reset for this is is too do your normal string abut as they are getting up after air :s: use :f::h: and cancel it into :rdp::m:

[SIZE=3]You will notice that sometimes the opponent will not wall bounce, in this case do a Down-backwards dash after the teleport has ended, this will put you in range to do a :m: (Air or ground it does not matter) into :s: and launch them for a new combo, in some cases with the Down-back dash it will carry them to the wall and you will get a lucky wall bounce, it this case do whatever combo you would normal do after a Dark Matter hits[/SIZE]

Don’t get too greedy with this as it can be very predictable, and switch it up with other teleports if you plan on constantly doing this in one match

This move can be a great bait tool as most will try to punish this move because of it’s recovery, this is really where the ability for this move to be canceled comes in handy

If the opponent has a teleport, the easiest way for them to punish Dark Matter is going to be using it
When you see an opponent starting up their teleport a variety of things can be done:

Cancel it straight into a :qcf::atk: (Depending on the range they are at) and then you can get a meaty punish with :qcf::atk::atk:

Cancel into Liberation :qcb::h: and again punish with :qcf::atk::atk:

You can even cancel into a teleport of your own and go for a full combo punish if you’re feeling like your teleport will beat theirs

Miscellaneous Uses:

Okay, so we’ve all been in the spot where we just got off our :qcf::atk::atk: but they still have that magic pixel left, send a Dark matter there way, usually the chip finishes them off from just that, but remember its cancelable so cancel it into a Dark Hole :qcf::atk: and the chip should really get them now Buuuuuuttt JUST INCASE it doesn’t and you’re willing to use the meter, cancel that Dark Hole into a :qcf::atk::atk: And I guarantee they will no longer have that magic pixel

Because everyone wants to play Dormammu like a sir’

:m::h::f::h::qcf::h::qcf::atk::atk: (Mashed)

  • 550,000
    :m::h::f::h: Forward Dash > Tri-Dash:)m::h:) :s:sj.:m::m::h::s::dp::qcf::atk::atk:
    -Moves in Parentheses are optional
    -Dash timing is very strict (Replace with a tp if you can’t do it)
    -687k or 705k w/Moves in parentheses


Any of these combos that end with :dp::atk::qcf::atk::atk: can be replaced with :dp::atk::atk: then a fully stocked :qcb::l::qcf::l::qcf::atk:atk: this kills any character but Thor and costs 4 meter