"DOOM & DOOM II" mod


I’ve got a video for ya of my own creation; mod for “DOOM II: Hell On Earth” to work with “GZDoom” (included in the package) titled “DOOM & DOOM II”.


It’s a “first person shooter”-mod based on the old game from 1994, updated with a new engine allowing for new features like new monsters and weapons and more.

I hope you enjoy the video! If you want to play it for yourself on your PC then there’s a download link available in the Youtube-video.

Thanks for your support.

Need your expert input on this @Vynce.

Sorry to be harsh, but this is the most underwhelming Doom II mod I’ve played in the past 5-6 years. As you might have guessed, the Doom II mod scene is strong at shoryuken.com. That said, I’m something of an aficionado when it comes to these things.

As I witnessed in the past, SRK has a surprisingly large secret DOOM community, that you never hear of.

It doesn’t make any sense and it comes out of nowhere.

With that said, expect your mod to get destroyed by said community.

I think it looks pretty cool. I’d play it.

Honestly chad. I like you, but don’t troll. Not in a DOOM thread. I believe this guy put in at least a bit of work on this project.

If Vynce says it’s bad than that’s all I need to know really.

Lol, hey man, I watched the first five minutes of it (at work) and honestly thought it looked pretty fun. That said, I am not a DOOM mod connoisseur, but I do love both DOOM and DOOM II, as well as the new reboot. I would definitely play NG1313’s mod if the opportunity presented itself.

You also have to understand… I loved Batman v Superman. And I went and saw Ghostbusters reboot in the theater.

This guy thinks his mod is good. To me, that suggests he put some time into it. And you’re being a facetious jerk. Not cool.

I edited in a little context to my post above, but not before you quoted me so it got left out.

Glad to hear :tup:

Am I having deja vu Mod for "DOOM II: Hell On Earth"

Why create a new thread? FFS

I forgot about that. Good memory!

This really should be in the Doom 2 subforum.

I thought a weird forum error happened and that thread got turned in this “new” one.

Bious and Vynce with the identical replies as with the original thread threw me off for a sec.

You guys can say what ever you want but NG1313 did a better job than I ever did.
So NG1313 gets props for that.

That said the map looks uninteresting like it was put together in Minecraft and not GZDOOM.
It also reminds me of 95% of MUGEN games people made. There alot of things in there tossed in with out rhyme or reason.

At least Marines had workarounds for their flashlight needs, in Doom and Doom 2.

In only one generation, Doom 3 Marines were like Appalachians straight out of X-Files.