Doom Air Grab

When opponent is in the corner and your doing this combo:
c.fp, sj lp, lk, lp, lk, air dash forward throw upward, pause xx lk,hk, air photon array

I can’t seem to grab them 75% of the time. After dashing forward do you press like UP then fierce punch to guarentee you get the grab, because this has been bothering for like a week and i was wondering if anyone could give me advice that the grab will succeed 100%. Thanks :]

After u launch them do, sj. lp,lk,lp,lk, airdash down foward, then grab, then after the grab u could just do the photon array super.

You can’t get the grab if u just airdash foward, u have to airdash downfoward. hope this helps

but theres really no point of doing the photon super unless ur in the corner u can do this
Launch superjump sj.lp sj.lp addf grab wit/HP pause lk hk pause APA that takes massive damage in the corner pz out for now