Don't you know any other moves? : The cross-up/mix-up counter thread

Searched around for a thread that dealt with the discussion of blocking and countering mix-ups, cross-ups, switcheroos etc. Didn’t find it so I decided to make one. Anyway I would like to update this thread with just useful tips on how to counter common pressure situations. Please share your knowledge.

From my gameplay experience, teleports are used for mid screen cross-ups* and are usually covered by a projectile assist. Most of you who are traveling up the ranks have noticed that teleport characters are nearly on every team once you get to a certain point. But their clever tricks can be handled a bit more once you pick-up on a few things.

Wesker - The general rule of thumb here is that Wesker’s teleport travels about 1/3 the length of the screen. So the closer you are to him, the more likely he is to appear on the other side of your character. Good Wesker users will usually call an assist to cover him (and put you in block-stun) while he teleports because he’s vulnerable when he reappears. Now from my experience, about 75% of Wesker users will come-out of a teleport using his Crouching Med arm-thrust attack (OR a Jumping special in the air), so generally expect to block low when he appears .

Wesker is very tricky at mid screen, so I suggest staying at either long range or point-blank corner combat . Wesker lacks rapid-fire L attacks so he is somewhat punishable by RF high/low characters. But remember, Wesker is just as deadly at close range as he is at mid-range. BUT since he can’t teleport behind you in a corner he’s slightly more manageable; you can play a bit of a chicken game by zoning him, and doing the following IF he gets close (notice how I said IF and not when).

  • back into a corner (so he can’t Tele behind you)
    -Let him begin the pressure-string, Advance guard on the last attack
    -Activate a beam hyper to push him back
    -Wash, rinse repeat

  • Now if you are that unlucky bastard who is stuck in a mid screen fight with Wesker, ALMOST all hope is lost. But there are a few things that could POSSIBLY help you out.

-The closer Wesker is, the more likely he is to appear behind you when he teleports

-You’ll probably have to block the gunshot, then the beam , then Wesker (other side of you) in that order in a time frame of about oh 1 second if this set-up occurs. This is the standard “poor man’s” counter to all midscreen teleport mix-ups

Deadpool - Deadpool possibly has the most OP teleport in the game next Phoenix. But since he is locked to three portions of the screen (corner left, corner right, center) he’s a bit easier to predict. But once again, avoid mid-field at all cost. Since deadpool has RF attacks and a beastly slide he is quite a threat at mid-field where his Tele can transport him either in front or behind you depending upon your position (since he will probably call an assist, this makes the cross-up or mix-up even harder to counter). Since Deadpool’s Tele malfunctions on every 3rd attempt, the opponent will probably use it sparingly in order to close the gap against an effective zoning character (so if you are zoning well then I would expect him to tele). From my experience about 75% of DP users come-out of Tele using a crouching heavy slide so block low and then punish.

Dormmamu - Dormammu will always teleport above you no matter what, but since his aerial options are slow he is punishable. Once again avoid mid screen where he has all 3 teleport options (front above, directly above, behind above). Stick to a corner as usual and be prepared to block HIGH when he disappears. Dormammu is terribly slow so if you block his initial strike you can probably net him. BUT since he has an eight-way air dash and can triangle jump it would be a good bet to block High -> low just in case you’re opponent wants to do a tri-dash mix-up.

From my experience, Dormmamu players usually follow a strict pattern of teleporting behind you if at mid-screen and teleporting above you if in a corner. But remember this is just from my experience

Dante - Dante’s Tele is very simple to block. So simple that you can air throw him on reaction once you get good enough. Anyway, he will always appear behind/above you so block high. IF he sends an assist then JUMP and block (to avoid the trickiness with blocking the assist). Now since his teleport is so unsafe whenever I see my opponent use Air Play, (the purple orb), or Acid Rain, I expect them to be teleporting soon because they are trying to “self-assist” their own teleport.

Phoenix - She has the most broken teleport in the entire game. Jean will either instantly appear directly in front of you, directly behind you, or directly above you. Once again, stick to a corner (I know this sounds like a deathwish, but its the safest way and you take out one of her options) and keep JUMPING. This is because jumping forces her teleport to position her somewhere on the ground 2/3 of the time. If you jump, you also have a bit of time to react OR perform an overhead. Also avoid midscreen as usual. Since Phoenix players will usually cover their teleport with a homing TK shot. Jumping will allow you to block it easily. BUT be prepared to block low when you touch the ground because many Jean players like her rapid-fire low kick.

Well I’ll be cover dashes soon, hope this guide helped someone out. (Even though the pros probably already know all this stuff. But i’m sure a few beginners may need it)

  • cross-up: is a situation where your opponent wants you to inaccurately guess which direction (usually left or right) they will be approaching from so that they can get a combo in)

Wesker can teleport behind you while you are in the corner. Thats why Viscant’s mix-up game works so well.

Its hard to block Wesker’s mix-up (let alone any mix-up), so if you get hit, don’t be discouraged. The best way to deal with Wesker is to jump in the air and use a move that crosses up (Taskmaster’s J. H). Either you will catch him when he is crossing up, catch him when he is teleporting in front or possibly airthrow him (if you are using J. H and he does the H teleport).

Ok here are some mix-ups that I see(n) by Spencer.

1)You only get one wallbounce. If he does another OTG air grapple hook, he will hit you, but you will not bounce off the wall. Now at that point, he has 4 options.

  1. He can do a zipline forward and he can press S. This will cross-up and I think it will be meaty.

  2. He can press M while coming down, this will hit front and it will be meaty.

  3. He can zipline down and do a low. This is meaty I believe.

  4. He can zipline down and command grab you.

Now the first mix-up is alot slower than the second one, so it is a bit easier to read. the first and second mixups are high. Now the 3rd and 4th mix-up relies on how you wake up. If you roll forward, I believe you can avoid the 4th mixup but you are susceptible to the 3rd mixup. If you roll back, you can block the 3rd mix-up but you will be susceptible to the 4th mix-up. If you neutral stand up, you can avoid the 3rd mix-up, but be susceptible to the 4th mix-up (but not as susceptible as you would be by rolling back.

  1. Reel-in grapple resets. After a reel-in grapple, he can command grab you. Its tough to avoid, because he can grab you out the air or grab you on the ground. So just read it right…

  2. Bionic Arm XFC mix-ups. You seen Combofiend do this a million times. If you block a bionic arm and he X-factors it, you eat a free mix-up. Either an overhead or a low…

Everyone seems to forget Akuma has a teleport! I’ve recently started playing Akuma in the second position so he can have a projectile assist (task or sent for me) to create teleport mixups and its been VERY effective. The reason his teleport is good is because after calling, say Task horizontal assist at mid screen, depending on if I input the teleport right after I press assist or if a delay just a second, Akuma may go infront or behind you because if I delay, Task assist will give me enough pushback while im teleporting that i’ll end up infront instead of behind. Also, even after the opponent guesses my left/right mixup, I mixup again by changing it up between cr.L/cr.H and his overhead, creating a high low mixup also. So pretty much the opponenet has to guess left/right then high/low almost instantaneously, which is the reason I feel Akuma’s teleport is so underrated ( and the fact that 99% of people use him as anchor). Once your familiar with his teleport distance it can become very effective. The only downside is that you need about half a screens distance between you and your opponent, but there are many easy ways to set up this positioning (such as after you or your opponent push block, or calling assist then dashing back or forward then teleporting which you have plenty of time to do and this what i mostly use).