Don't let the Phoenix Wright subforum die!

Come on people!!! I know there has to be people that didn’t ditch him that are doing work with PW!

I’ve been a lurker for a long time here, and I keep using PW after the nerf, I’m sure others are too, so why is this subforum so dead?!?!?!?

I really haven’t come up with anything important, but I’ll do my best by saying this:
You can combo into discarding evidence in Investigation mode. I’ve never really found out which moves have to come before the discard, but I am 100% sure that I’ve done quite a few times while mashing like crazy.

I think this would at least help in finding opportune moments to discard evidence, since instead of finishing with like a launcher or a heavy, you can discard evidence and be safe afterwards…

IMO this subforum is pretty alive. Sure it’s not super popular but we keep getting a couple of posts everyday, and they’re not just junk posts they’re all useful. More people are posting here than the Firebrand forum.

But I remember it being a lot more active :frowning:

I used to see like the top three threads with new posts every day, now it’s just the objection thread, with the video thread being almost dead… What happened to the Polt hype??? </3

This feels like one of those moments in the Ace Attorney games where Phoenix Wright looks like he’s doomed, and out of nowhere, someone comes in with decisive evidence that saves the day.

Will you be that someone that saves the forum?!


Banks is probably busy hunting for good Wright videos.

Polt is showing videos of him making Wright work really well and also sharing a lot of tips

Everyone posting here is trying to make Wright work.

Some people from before stopped using Wright due to the nerf

Most of the hyped up people who were willing to use Wright… Well… 3/4 of them are using him. 1/4 just were disappointed and they could not handle how un-straight forward Wright was or just found him to be one of the worst characters in the game even without the nerf

This sub forum is pretty much still alive. Like most sub forums, no new post pops up until a few hours or even a day. At least we’re being productive, w**right **?

But really, I think we should get like, at least, we could compile a bunch of data on Wright that we could use. I’ve been thinking of going to the lab, and checking which supers can be beat by j.H.

I know that he can hit Akuma out of his level 3, and Wesker out of what I cal “Maximum Wesker”. I know there’s a LOT more he can easily beat out with the mighty finger of doom.
And… what about what I said about comboing an evidence discard? Has anyone tested it? I’m going to try this week, but I have a bunch of exams, stupid college XD

I booted up MvC to check, you CAN combo evidence discard after you basic low medium high combo, but it’s the last hit. At least it’s a safe way to discard evidence.

Wright can hit opponents out of hypers unless they use some hyper with outright invincibility or inuln. start up from what GenericOperator said

It’d be better to get full combo damage than combo into discarding evidence. Instead, if you get your opponent into a blockstring, you should call an assist and throw bad evidence at them to get rid of it safely. Then you don’t waste potential damage, and chances are you get blockstrings WAY more than combos.

Also, somebody please get UMvC3 for Vita and take pictures of all of Wright’s hitboxes @_@ I’d like to have a Phoenix Wright team myself, but he doesn’t have that amazing of a mixup game. I’d like to instead know his normals very well, see if he has any actually good anti-airs, so that I’m very familiar with where I can interrupt attack strings and score counter hits, as that’s pretty much the primary way of landing hits/combos in this game outside of opening up your opponent with pressure and mixups (also, zoning).

^I’m def getting it by the 11th of March. So unless someone steps up and posts his hitboxes before then (cheers), expect pics by the 12th or so.