Don't bother using a Hitbox with Persona 4 AU

So I’m playing Persona 2 Arena Ultimax and I observed that it is almost impossible to do SP Skills (moves that require 236236 or 214214 motions) consistently when using a Hitbox controller.
I was able to execute SP Skills just fine with a standard fightstick.

I spent many frustrating minutes in training mode trying to figure out what’s wrong. Even though the inputs registered correctly every time, the SP Skills would never activate. I ended up discovering that to use SP Skills I would have to consistently input 2626/2424 instead.


When you’re a Hitbox player you plink everything, consistently inputing 236236. With P4AU, I’m needing to slow down my inputs in order to do 2626, which is a lot harder than it sounds.
Honestly, I wouldn’t bother using a Hitbox for the game. The input demands are really whacky and it just makes things unenjoyable for me.

I’ve read about others having input issues as well with their fightsticks and pads, and a majority of the time the adjustments needed are easy to implement. Not so much with a Hitbox.
I hope ASW releases some kind of patch in the future to address this issue, since this effects others as well, not just me. Though, I doubt they will considering the games age.

Has anybody else had input issues with the game? What do you guys think about this?
No rude comments, please.

Hit box is not for everyone.


That is very much true, but it’s a shame that not every game is Hitbox-friendly. The input timing required for P4AU is so tight that SP Skills practically are inaccessible for Hitbox users.

You know we have a Official Hit box thread created by the creators of the official Hitbox

I am sure @Husser_Brian is most qualified person out there (in the topic of Hit Box) and could to go over the finer points of Hitbox execution
If anyone can help you it would be him.

Uhhh, WTF are you talking about? I played P4AU for maybe an hour at Frosty (first and only time playing it, I saw an empty setup and thought I’d check it out. Some rando joined me after a while). I had absolutely no problem performing any moves.