Donjon games do it again: Eight Marbles Ura Version


one of my favorite things to do is fart so i think a game where i can fart as an anime is really cool

damn, that game looks like a blast. a real rootin, tootin good time. Imma go check it out.

It’s Marbles baybee

holy shit wut…

So this is why Hakushon Daimou isn’t in TvC anymore.

Beans, Beans, the magical fruit…

Pepto bismol colored farts is my fetish.

made out of 100% pure win.

youtube comments to that video are made from 120% of win then

I’m literally at a lost for words…

Is the world REALLY running out of ideas for fighting games? :coffee:

I thought people really bash japanese in comments to that video, that is until I clicked on few videos from "related’ tab on youtube and stumbled on those 266 comments --
Perphaps japanese thought to concentrate on integrating their fetish culture in fighting games (well starting from loli, furry, etc etc fetishes) and now this -

Arcana Fart

Well to be fair, in japan kemono art (furry) isn’t considered much different from regular anime, so not necesarily a fetish, more like a general style or theme.

But yeah, fetish fighters make me sad. To think someone spent that much amount of time to make the system on something like that.

-________- deflating

Diarrhea farts FTW

damn, I haven’t caught wind of this one yet…

Man, this game looks like a real gas. The fact that it will never get released over here is a shartbreaker.

I’ll pass wind

This game is clearly bottom tier.

wink wink nudge nudge wink nudge wink wink wink

HAHA i see what you did there sir!:clapdos: