Done see new sales thread

Selling a spare original ps360 chip for $30.00
Seling a broken PS3, it was one of the YLOD ones that needed a reflow or something, but I tried to use it to fix the drive in my other one, and blah blah blah… DOES NOT WORK.
Selling my white BlazBlue stick, dual mod with the original ps360 chip, JLF and sanwa buttons, grey ball top, grey bezel from madcatz, home button inside cord compartment.
Selling the Tekken 5 panel from the PS2 stick made by HORI, had a blklightning panel and plexi done up, and sold that…


and responded!
-White TE deal pending.

Interested in the T5 top panel. Does it come with the pcb?
How much would shipping be 90242?

PM me

all PM’s replied to and quotes sent.

Tekken 5 panel sold, leaving for a far off destination tomorrow morning !

updated post, added a WTB note.

All items sold, still looking for a VS stick, or atleast the shell.