Done deal, please 'close' this thread. Thanks!

  1. Seimitsu PS-14’s White with clear tops (almost new, about 8 hours of usage.

  2. Seimitsu PS-14’s Red with clear tops (almost new about 8 hours of usage

  3. Sanwa blue obsf-24 pushbuttons (new

  4. Sanwa obsm 30mm hole plug (new

  5. Sanwa black bat top, with adapter (new

  6. Jlf clone mounting plate (new

  7. TE empty case/housing

Sold! Sold! Sold!

Can I get the red seimetsu?

^Sorry, im selling everything together.

TE case $75

Price reduced.


international shipping?
Can u include pictures of the TE please?

don’t see a dual modded TE listed ???

Sorry, pictures added.

^^^pm’ed ^^^^pm’ed

pm’d you

Sorry, seimitsu, and sanwa parts has been sold. Thanks!