Dominican republic tournament STREET FIGHTER IV

Hi I am new to this forum live in the Dominican Republic recently did a tournament with the best exponents of the country I leave here some videos for you to enjoy the final and semifinal

This is the semifinal of the tournament


this is the end of the tournament


I hope you like it please leave your comments on the fights will be of great help to us

this is the forum where it’s all about the game fights

good to spend good time

att. korpoex

I’m Dominican and that’s dope they playing sf4 out there. what part of D.R. was this tourney held at?

The tournament was held in the eastern part of Santo Domingo

I’m also dominican from Santiago but I live in New York and it’s cool to see that DR is having national SF4 tournament. When is the next tournament? I might go down there! :slight_smile:

Oh shit, you Dominican?
I’m from Ojo de aqua son.

As another Dominicano from NY, it’s awesome to see tourneys down there. If I go down for vacation there I want to go to a tourney! :smiley:


Damn Dominican SRK memebers in the house.


Que lo que tigre.

wey klk a todos posiblemente para final
de este mes gamespot esta patrosinando un torneo de street fighter 4 en san predro de macoris

primer lugar: iphone 3g 16 gb

segundo lugar: ps3

mi gente para el evolution nuestra pequea isla estara representada por norman un jugador de soul calibur 4 el es el mejor del mundo hasta ahora.

q lo q

Damn those prizes are better than here, I may have to fly down to represent.

klk i life here (dominican Republic) i’m santiguero

Tambin soy Dominicano, soy adm del foro Dominican Kombat y vivo en Santo Domingo.


says the guy who doesn’t eat arroz con habichuelas!! fuckouttahere

awww maaan… you gona make me break out some dominican family guy! rofl


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