Does your W/L in MvC3 affect who you queue against

I usually get perfected all the time. I can’t even move and I lose the match because I get comboed to death before I can move. Right now I am AFKing in ranked matches so I can get more losses faster. Will this help to fight people that are my skill level? I just ranked down from 9th ranger to fighter but I still fight people that I can’t hit once do I need to just make a new PSN account so I am a newbie again? I only won when I was lower right now I am 21% winrate.

Why the fuck would you want to fight someone at your skill level? Judging from your post, getting perfected all the time means you’re mashing and not blocking. I’m sorry, you need to level up your game.

is this a serious question

thanks for ragging on me about my lack of ability to play video games 10 hours a day. you are a pleasant person.

taiganost ignore the guy above.

I didn’t think people got perfected in this day and age but wow you must be getting matched against some people that are way better than you.

It seems like capcoms latest patch has messed up the matchmaking on ranked. My record is ~84% and I get matched against people that are in the 10-20% range sometimes and fully pummel them into the ground. Trust me it’s not fun for the winner either and capcom does need to fix the matchmaking.

Sorry to hear that, MvC3 should be playable for people at all skill levels and I hope you get back to your own bracket soon.

hopefully, you can learn by playing someone from a higher level of experience.

I don’t understand how I would “learn”. it’s like throwing a list of quadratic functions at an 8 year old and expecting him to solve them. failing at it over and over with no chance of success won’t teach him a thing

Watch this youtube video:

It’s about 2 hours long and it will teach you all the basics to beat people at your level. I also suggest trying out the mission modes to learn some basic combos.

Finally, you can always pick Sentinel as your third character and pick up cheap wins with a level 3 x-factor :stuck_out_tongue: