Does using a usb hub on ps3 delay your stick inputs?

I’m thinking about getting a sound processor for tournaments so that no matter how loud things are around the area, I can still hear the sounds of the game. (Gotta listen out for those assist calls!) These type of devices are usb powered. With the 360, this will not be a problem since there are extra usb ports on the back of all versions of the 360. But with the ps3, most of them now only have two usb ports on the front and that’s it. If I have a stick plugged in and my opponent does as well, I couldn’t use the processor. So I’d have to use a usb hub or splitter. Do these hubs usually lag? Is there a specific one I should get? Any help will be greatly appreciated.

Nope. USB hub would not add delay to your controller. How fast the console will check the controller for updates doesn’t change through a hub, and the communication through the hub is delayed my a matter of microseconds, 1/16000th of a frame. You’re just fine going through a hub. If you’ve ever considered any converter in the world lag free, your DEFINITELY going to be fine.

I’d worry more about the fact that the opponent wouldnt be able to hear anything if the PS3 was set to a different sound output. If you just brought a pair of headphones, noise cancelling or not, that still leaves the option of bringing a headphone splitter so they can hear as well if they have the same idea. I also use audio cues, so I would be complaining if the other guy wanted to setup something that kept me from hearing the game.

And it doesn’t matter which hub? Powered vs unpowered? No differences?

no it does not matter

That’s actually really good to know now that people have started talking about the possibility of running 2-on-2 for SFxT. There aren’t a lot of first-gen PS3’s floating around!

I’m more interested in how this would work. You’d plug your USB sound card into the xbox? And that would allow for dual audio from the game? If that works and is allowed by the tourney organizers, it’s definitely something I’d be interested in doing myself.

Where is fubarduck? He has a device like this and I don’t remember it disabling the sound from the television or monitor, but i could be wrong.

I’m lucky. My first gen ps3 is still running strong. I hope I never have to get one of the new ones with only 2 usb ports on it, but I know that’s what’s used in tournaments these days.

The device I’m looking at you plug it into your xbox or ps3 USB port and you also will need to plug an optical cable into the back also. Then you can attach any headphone to the device. Here are the ones I’m looking at currently.

^So it’s just USB-powered, not really a sound card in and of itself.

Do the PS3 or 360 have any restrictions on audio output? Is it possible for a tournament to be set up in a way that you can’t set up optical audio at the same time as what their display is using?

The second is just USB powered like you said, but the first one is a full on USB audio device. ( i may have those backwards)

On PS3, there should be no issue - you can set dual audio output in the menu. The Xbox360, however, has a physical limitation on its ports - you can’t fit both the normal AV cable and an HDMI cable at the same time, unless you mod a cable.

According to newegg the Evo monitor has an optical audio output though… don’t know if using it disables the built-in speakers.

In my fantasies, each tournament setup would feature a 3.5mm audio plug for each player to plug in headphones if they wish. In the meantime, I’ll need to start practicing with the sound muted… sigh

for the xbox you just use the adapter for optical its not as thick as the video plug so you can use it with hdmi madcatz makes them as well a Microsoft

I believe this is only needed on the older xboxs. The newer ones have an optical port on the back.

yeah I thought they may had added it to the new ones