Does the Xbone TE2 work on PC?

Hello everyone!

I’m looking forward to get a TE2 but only the Xbone version is sold in my country and I want to know if it works on the PC because that’s where I’d use it. I’ve heard months ago that LT and RT didn’t work, is that still the case? If it is then I am not getting it.

Buying the PS version from another country is not an option.

Thanks in advance.

My PS4 TE2 works on PC just fine, so I’m sure the one that works with the Microsoft product will be just fine too.

please don’t post stick questions in the SF4 section

this has nothing to do with sf4


Its Still the case, the issue boils down to how Microsoft did the Xbox One game pad drivers.
Also the all the Xbox One arcade sticks because of Microsoft are not standard Xbox One controllers.

You could always mod the TE 2, ether swap out the PCB or Dual Mod it (with a Crossbone TE2 PCB).

If you’re just going to use 6 buttons, move LB to where RT is and reconfigure your buttons. Everything else works fine.