Does the wireless Mad Catz PS3 Fightpad work on PC?


I couldn’t find this topic using the search function. So, there’s this guy selling his wireless Mad Catz Street Fighter IV Fightpad for a very cheap price up on eBay. Thing is,

(1) The thing uses a dongle. Since the wireless Hori PS3 Tekken 6 fightstick doesn’t really work on PC I’m more than hesitant.
(2) Since it is difficult to get Mad Catz arcade sticks to work on Computer Gamepads might pose a Problem as well, I pressume.

So, before I do anything I would like to inquire first of all if anyone uses this gamepad. I have the wired version for the 360 and it works well on a Computer, but that’s 360.

That is news to me, then again the Hori PS3 Tekken 6 fightstick is horrible.

Not at all, older model Mad Catz PS3 TEs have incompatibility issues with non Intel PCs, newer sticks as well as newer game pads are fine.

I am assuming your asking as you want to dual-mod with a WIRELESS MAD CATZ PS3 FIGHTPAD?

My recommendation, get something that isn’t wireless.

Well, mine didn’t. I gave it back. I couldn’t figure out a work around, or find a different PCB or fitting USB chipset or express card or whatever.

Well, my Street Fighter IV arcade stick had some issues.

I’m asking about this one

Might be better, thank you.

I’m not sure whether it works or not but I wouldn’t recommend it for two reasons

  1. the wireless Fightpad are known to have issues. The wireless chip on the board burns out within a few months.

  2. the ps3 dualshock 3 controller is a better option. With motion joy and Better DS3 installation becomes very easy. There is also no lag

Thank you very much. I got the wired version of this controller for the 360, and wanted to get another one in case a buddy Comes over and we’ll play the game. I don’t like it when two people have to use different kinds of controllers. Especially when you’re with a group of friends and the controllers go around. People then have to adjust to different twirks every time. But thank you for the dual shock advice.

Firstly, as ancient laws dictate:

And so…

I just found a brand new sealed (albeit very dusty) PS3 WWE All-Stars variant at my local GameStop for $15!!!

Open + add batteries + plug dongle into PC + turn pad on. Works with USFIV :plus_one: Doesn’t work with SFV :minus_one:

Gear: Intel CPU based PC | Windows 8.1 64bit | MSI Mobo


Will see if this thing works as a PS3 legacy controller on PS4 SFV when I get home.

Confirming that the PS3 WWE All-stars variant works just fine as a legacy controller on PS4 SFV.