Does the SFIV Fightpad come in limited numbers?

I tried searching both google and Shoryuken and found nothing on this subject, thus:
Does the SFIV Fightpad come in limited numbers like the Fightstick Tournament edition?

Well, technically everything comes in limited numbers. No manufacture will ever make infinite of something. That being said yes, how limited? Not sure but I would say it’s less limited then the TE.

Thanks for the reply, much appreciated! So about the relativily limited numbers thing. Do you think the Fightpad will run out of stock anytime soon like the tournament edition stick?

i wouldn’t count on them being very rare. however, i really feel obligated to tell you to just spend a few more dollars for a fight stick. considering the issues people are reporting with their sticks already, i’m not too sure how much better the controllers are going to be. just save up another weeks worth of lunch money for a hori stick.