Does the 360 turn on without a screen?

Hi everyone,

I bought a used 360. I want to plug it into my VGA monitor, but I don’t have the cable for it yet. But before buying that, I want to make sure the unit works at all.

I’ve hooked everything up the way it should (except for the TV), but the 360 wont turn on. The light on the power brick is orange when plugged into the wall and gets a little brighter when I plug it into the 360 as well – not sure if that means anything. I think I bought a lemon, but I want to make sure. So does your 360 turn on when you don’t have a screen attached?

(To clarify: The box does nothing at all. It’s not a red ring or anything like that.)

Just tested mine with no HDMI and Audio Dongle, boots up fine.

Good luck recouping your money. Don’t be a dick and just resell to someone else.

Not having any AV cable hooked up to it will cause it to flash all 4 rings as red before booting up. If it’s doing nothing, I’ll vote that it’s a brick now.

You should at least try unplugging it, letting it rest, and then plugging it into a different outlet.

OK, thanks everyone. Tried everything, but it won’t budge. I officially bought an expensive doorstop. Nuts.

Hey, and @Solder: I feel mildly insulted by your insinuation. But I’ll forgive you. To prove it, I can give you a good price on a fine XBox. No red ring or anything. :wink:

sell it to Hakdizzle and recoup some of that lost money… sorry to hear that it was a bad purchase.

I did say good luck recouping your money. Meant no offense, just see the same 3-4 Xbox’s constantly resold on my local craigslist. That’s pretty common sadly.

You can always use the shell to make a custom stick!

@BlindWithOneArm: You mean this guy? OK. I figured I’d just sell it on eBay or locally (as “broken” of course). Why him (her?)?

@Solder: Nah, don’t worry, I’m not at all offended. Just goofing around. The idea of making a stick is neat, though. The 360 does have a nice “lap-shape”. I’ll think about it.

When a monitor is not hooked up the inside of the little circle is green, IIRC.

Yep thats him. He’s always asking to buy broken 360’s he might give you a better deal than what you would get selling it on ebay.

Yup, I see this all the time on my setup because I have my sexbox hooked up to my receiver via hdmi. If the receiver is off you get that little light on but no green rings.

Same here. Flashing lights and the boot splash screen dont happen until my receiver selects that input.