Does Sakura Respect Dan and the Saikyo Style?

Sorry I was confused as to what section to put this in. Its a general question about SF4 but not gameplay related. If a mod could move this I’d be happy.

So, throughout Street fighter, when talking to other people, Sakura refers to Dan as her ‘master’ (she might just be talking about Ryu I’m not sure). Yet everyone else (except Blanka) thinks Dan is a joke. Does Sakura really think he’s a pretty cool guy? Or is she just humoring him, because she’s a better fighter in many cases, so why does she still hang out with him in a Master/Student relationship?

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I personally think she’s just humoring him though.

General consensus is that she’s only “studying” under Dan because he’s the closest person to Ryu after Ken, all having studied under Gouken. She very well can’t follow Ken around all day, being a family man, so she sticks to Dan. At one point she was earnestly trying to learn from him, but after a very short time, she realized Dan was a joke and never took him seriously after that.

I always assumed she did mainly because she was young, and had yet to realize how pathetic his style was. However, the idea of her sticking with him due to his slight connection with Ryu makes sense.

She’d kick Dan’s ass, definitely.

I think she just feels sorry for him.

She’s a sweet girl.

I think it’s shown in the sf4 cut scenes she’s only humouring him.

Well he’s not really a bad fighter…He’s just not Ryu … Or his style it’s just a poorcopy of Gouken style

she isnt fucking humoring him, she is USING him!
the slut!

Don’t throw those baseless claims around! Sakura would never do that do Dan!

I am feeling sorry for Dan after reading all those comments. Poor guy.

Sakura just isn’t experienced enough to realize the true hidden potential of the Saikyo Arts. :wgrin:

You could always make him your main, he’ll feel better after that

How could it be a copy of Gouken’s style if its MOST STRONG?!?

That too ;3

From the anime SF4 videos Dan is a good promoter. I mean, who would take a young girl fighting in a school girl uniform seriously? Dan gets her opponents, she gets to fight, Dan gets to promote the Saikyo style. It’s a win win situation.