Does pre-order Soulcalibur 6 gets you early access beta of the game?

I remember BBTAG if you pre-order the game you will get early access of it. I wonder Soul Calibur 6 has that kind of pre-order bonus. Or only journalist can get early access of the game?.

Because there will be a soft launch tourney in my region and I don’t want to have a disadvantage once I join in.

No, the beta was open to everyone regardless of whether you pre-ordered.

If you talking about online beta. That one I already knew about it. I’m talking about those early access those YouTubers/Journalist gotten their hands on or that just footage taken during TGS and such.

TGS footage was from the showfloor where they had the release build.

As for early access, that’s up to Namco if they think you’re important enough to get it.