Does melee still have a competitive scene?

If so, what are the best tournaments? I want to watch new replays and stuff, because I feel melee is such a great fighting game. (In fact, I’d say its the only fighting game in the series. I’d consider the other games ‘party games’).

But like, I know if I want to watch other fighting games of recently, I can look for big tournaments like SBO, nor cal regional, EVO, seasons beating, etc.

But I have no idea about smash bros.

Both Melee and Brawl have very active competitive scenes. is a great place to find recent videos. I think the most recent big tourney was Genesis 2.

Check out videos from BEAST II (Europe) and Genesis 2 (USA) on AJP’s channel:

Apex is coming up and it is going to be a big melee tournament. In some areas the melee scene has died down a bit and in others it has actually grown. Smashboards is a good place to keep track of tournaments especially ones in your region.

yeah, go on smashboards, and check out your state, there’s at least 10 active players in pretty much every state, tons of the west/east coast.

I though that the general trend was that everybody was finding Brawl to be boring as shit so they’re heading back to Melee.

A lot of new players joined when Brawl came out, a lot of them stayed with Brawl and a lot converted to melee. Most who came into it before and after Brawls release generally go towards melee, as yeah, it’s a little more appealing in terms of challenge or whatever.
The melee scene will literally never die and possibly always grow, the game is the flukiest miracle in history. LOL

Yes Melee is indeed a fluke. Nintendo never intended it to be nearly as competitive as it is. The scene goes on and the metagame continues to shift and develop. Apex was a couple weeks ago, check out some melee vids:

thank you for not posting grand finals, :slight_smile:

melee is to smash what ST was to street fighter.

Capcom embraced it, Nintendo rejected it. Too bad, it couldve been the closest thing to a mainstream fighting game

Yo, GFs was legit.

Just turn off the commentary.