Does label/sticker paper larger than the standard 8.5x11 exist?

I need to print a template for my stick and I think the local Kinkos only had the 8.5x11 Xerox label paper that was great for the Madcatz SE stick but now I have a new stick and the plexi-glass is I think around 14.07x7.83 inches after I put the dimensions of my template into a converter(4221x2350 with 300DPI).

Unfortunately my plexi-glass came with a graphic printed on the other side of it so anything under would look fogged up(tried sanding it with 1000 grit sandpaper…stupid move).

get your art printed by

Yes, it exists! Try going to a print shop and ask for 11x17 crack and peel. It even comes in gloss and matte finishes.

Also, look for a product called Brasso. It may help you polish out your plexi problem.

I’ve got a giant laminator machine with rolls of stuff similar to lamilabel, it adheres a permanent adhesive to your printout, but the back is positionable when placing on your stick.

I’m sure some local printing companies or kinkos will have the same or similar stuff. Not exactly sure what we have is called though. If you can’t find sticker paper of the right size, you can always look towards this method since it works just as well.

letter 8.5x11
legal 8.5x14
ledger 11x17

Thanks for the info guys, I’ve only seen the 8.5x11 sticker paper from local Staples…other than that, none other places I’ve seen them lol Canada.

Thanks to kay_nock for offering new plexi-glass, AoBfrost for offering prints(which I am strongly tempted to get, price sounds awesome!) and GriffonGotGun for the Brasso suggestion!