Does he work well with wolverine?

I love both the characters and was wondering if they had any good synergy between them? im pretty new to the game and am trying to get my team together. If so which would be a great third character to work with them?

thanks for the help guys

Stone Smite will give a combo extender after the slide otg then you can do the tornado claw loop. Tenderizer will keep them grounded and can let you get a free mixup from either instant overhead or low.

Julian, sorry to see you didn’t get much help to start. As I said in a recent post, while it’s tempting to put characters together you love, if you want to win, it’s not a good idea. Wolverine is a point character and, for the most part, so is Skrull. The exception would be Skrull tenderizer anchor on a Firebrand team. That’s right, I’m talking to you too, Nasty ; )