Does dell inspiron 11.6 support fightcade?

was wondering if this particular model supports arcade sticks as well as fightcade?,loc:1&ksid=b8029aeb-fdf7-4cde-8644-492e05870526&ksprof_id=8&ksaffcode=pg40418&ksdevice=c&ref=212&loc=1

thought I might ask here to see if anyone has any exp with that. I currently use a chromebook for school but it cant do much else. and $200 isn’t bad to be able to play fightcade for ST. Thanks in advance guys.

even if it does you shouldn’t buy it. it dosen’t have an ethernet port so you’d be forced to play over wifi. dont be that guy

There are much better machines on the market to run Fightcade over a that Dell.
The Figthcade site does not over any required specs, so I can’t give you a straight answer.
The real requirements would really depend on the particular game you want to run.

You have no ethernet port so you have to deal with the inherit higher interference and higher latency of Wifi .
There also your PING times to factor in, you could have fast upload and download speeds but have a horrible ping which effects gaming.
Keep in mind the On-processor graphics with shared video memory is terrible for any kind of gaming.

I rather use my 6 year Toshiba Toshiba Satellite A505-S6005 with it’s old Intel Core i3 330M / 2.13 GHz Intel processor over the new Dell Inspiron with it’s gimped 2.16 GHz Intel Celeron processor.
It has more processing power and and more stock ram (comes with a default 4 GB Ram, mine is upgraded to 8Gb) over the Dell Inspiron.

If your goals are just to have a cheap and light weight Netbook for Office or School use the Inspiron does the job but just so.
If you want to stick under the $200 price tag and do gaming look for a Desk top PC (even a refurbish one) preferably one with an actual video graphics card, and skip or disable on-board graphics.