Does Cody have a way to make 3 frame DPs whiff after a hard knockdown?

That would eliminate a very annoying option.

Ideally I would like them to never be able to use DP, in the spirit of Viper or Ibuki, where they simply miss.

That makes DP, backdash, and throw simeultaneously punishable with the same setups via option selects.

Ideally, blocking would be punished too, but I have not been able to find any unblockables on my own.

ex zonk them on wakeup. beats dps expect ken and ryus lights ones cause you recover faster, also beats backdashes and wakeup buttons. it’s well worth the meter and the hard read just to make people respect you on their wakeup also FADC to make it safe. there are some setups that make dp whiff or even safe jump them but they aren’t that practical because you land very far away from them so you can’t continue pressure. ex ruffian in the corner double dash into jumping heavy punch will cause a fake cross up vs shotos and make dp whiff, this is a very good setup and you can replace it with j,mk to make it a true crossup.

I still get jaguar kicked out of ex zonk.

No matter what I do I can’t make Cody’s jump ins ambiguous. That is the hardest part of going from Viper to Cody is that people can simply block or dp most of the time. With Viper I can literally punish 3 options at once with one setup. Block isn’t an option because the unbblockable guess, backdash gets options selected into another setup, DP will wiff etc with Viper. But with Cody everything is statistically in their favor unless they throw tech.

The main thing I want to do is force 50/50s because that is the best statistically. I get frustrated when my opponent can jump, reversal of any kind, or AA. Strategically those are the main options I want to eliminate first.

Jaguar kick goes over the zonk