Does anyone play PS2 games on the PS3?

Just like the thread says, does it create lag? i mean i play all my old fighting games on the ps3 and don’t notice anything wrong when i play. maybe I’m just not looking too hard to tell if there is any difference between playing on both systems. reason why i ask the question is because all over this forum i read about people still playing games on their ps2 and when someone posts their entertainment setups, there’s never a ps3 there. again, is it because playing ps2 games on ps3 create lag issue? or people just cant afford to buy the latest hardware from Sony? Even when you look in the trading forum you see just about everyone either trying to sell or buying arcade sticks compatible for the ps2 and other systems but never for the ps3. My question is simply just why? I figured that I’d post this on the GD section but maybe my answer is a technical one. But i figured that maybe its a just matter of preference.

ps2 games will always have a 3 frame delay on any system that has software emulation(which are all of them except the launch 60gbs, and the only reason why they have less lag is because they had hardware emulation i.e. minime ps2 inside) For me the 100$ you save getting a ps3 that cools better and more energy effiecient you can go get a 60$ ps2 and put the 40 in your gas tank.

tons of people make sticks for ps3 you just havent looked hard enough also toodles just made a board available at to build a stick from scratch for use with ps3.

Go check my man chad out at the site above to get quality parts for the stick you build and grab one of those toodles cthu…boards to help making or modding one for the ps3 easy. You cant go wrong.

i play my fighting games on my ps3 i dont see any lag although i do have the 60GB PS3

Same here, I’ve never experienced any type of lag on my 60GB PS3.

Yet I still can’t seem to let go of my phat PS2 just because of all the stuff I’ve read on here about lag :sweat:

Well I have an oldschool 20GB and I notice a small lag or maybe its just me. Anyway, the 20GB and 60GB are supposed to contain the exact same minime ps2 hardware inside so its not only just the 60GB that has it for the record.

Only ps2 game I play on PS3 is God Of War 2.

Using the secret HD code, plus ps3 upscaling makes the game really good in hd!

Yeah, I hardly play any PS2 games on my PS3. The whole backwards compatability really isn’t an issue as most people (including myself) still have their PS2 and can go back to those older games if they want to on their PS2. I usually just play new games on my PS3, although I do have a few PSOne classics on there which are great (like Twisted Metal 2)

I bought an upscan converter for my SNES/PS2/old consoles so I can play SD games on my HDTV with less than a frame of lag.

The converter I have was $290.

The only thing that sucks is that nearly every old game I play is 4:3 and they look AWFUL stretched to 16:9, but they look just as awkward displayed 4:3 on a 16:9 screen.

I think there is a lag for HDTV’s in regards to backwards compatibility kinda like Guitar Hero when played in HD. I use my HRAP3 for PS2 compatibility and I swear when I play Third Strike, I suck hard at it because I get the timing for parrying wrong but when I use the stick in my PC, I am kicking so much ass and I can parry to an okay level.

Then I read somewhere that the PS2 version is slightly slower than the Arcade version. Its really annoying as I’ve got to the stage where I really want to play in tournaments as I went to Battle of Destiny and everyone had PS2 sticks. It was really fun to play against such good players and experience the gameplay at such a level.

I may just buy a HRAP2 or mod my HRAP3 to work on PS2.

I play Ps2 games on my60G PS3 all the time. No lag at all. Though the TVs I play on are older.

ggx2 accent core all the time

i dont play too many ps2 games on my ps3. i never get any lag.

I never knew about the 3-frame lag with software emulation. That’s good to know. I think
I’ve ever only popped in a couple PS2 fighters into my PS3 from time to time but the game I
play a lot of that is PS2 is Monster Hunter. I would never really see the lag anywayz I think.

It still saddens me that this game no longer has the online portion. Fuckin damned Snap!


so it sounds like the 60gb ps3 has no lag…can anyone confirm this for sure though?

I want to use it to play the ps2 fighting games…any kind of lag seriously ruins the experience for me, so im hoping for no lag.

so whats the consensus here…ps3 60gb no lag?..or lag

I play loads of ps2 games on my 60gig ps3, no probs At All…
using dlp hdtv…no lag what so ever

Waste of money in my opinion. I remember I once looked at converters so I could have a minimal to no lag on my PS2 on my recently purchased HDTV at the time. Upon finding out the prices, I decided I could just put my money towards a cheap CRT tv and have no lag that way. Much better decision that way. Your 290 dollars could’ve been put to a crt tv (a big one at that) and still have plenty of money left over. But I guess the keyword in that sentence is “Your” 290 dollars.

I believe you’ll get lag even with the 60/20GB launch models if you enable upscaling. I have a 60GB model too but I normally use my PS2 anyway.