Does anyone know why XBOX Live's youtube upload's down?

I can’t find any links about it. It’s been down for 4 days now and I was hoping to upload some more vids.

Its actually been down since 8-28-11 Sunday Night,
I got when I was uploading two replays,
first one was fine, then second one I got the error message that the server was down

I’ve been checking each day since, and still hasnt come back online

My second vid that had the error eventually did upload to youtube on tuesday
go figure, as I wasnt trying to upload anymore since sunday
(I just try to Search for replays and I get the error from there too)

I posted on Capcom forums, but no comments about it
(strange that no one else has been asking about this)

Most Capcom folks won’t reply unless it’s in the Ask Capcom forum, but they do read the other threads.

I understand that, when its a few ‘scattered’ issues,
Even if it was just a day or so, then it could be written off as anything

but this has been over a week already on a feature that was just patched in a few days prior
and this occurs for all Xbox users

Just by the issue itself, Capcom should least mention something about it,
but I guess, since it doesnt seem many are talking about it, its not big enough to comment on

(guess more players are on PS3 version)

should just get yourself a video capturing device. The quality is garbage for the 3S replays

lol, yeh I really should just break down and get one (know a good one for laptops?)
then can put up stuff from SSF4AE as well (among other games)


pinnacle studio is good

And FYI for Xbox users,
Servers are working again

Able to Upload and Search Replays

The quality of the uploads is really underwhelming.