Does anyone know why combofiend quit

Just wondering

Wrong place.

Also its because he finally grew some balls.

Shut the Fucc up and take a walk scrub :tdown:

Because he couldn’t live with himself knowing he fucked up MARVEL of all games.

Also, because he will forever be known as Combofunction…

I would say it, but the joke has been played out one too many times.

The same reason this thread exists.

Because your dad touched your mom one night.

Can anyone answer this without being an immature child?

…why didn’t you?

Because I don’t know and want to know the answer rofl

You could always ask Combofiend…

you’re new to srk uh?

Wonder no more! I’d give this thread 3 pages tops with your status as a member trolled and destroyed immediately.

Combofiend sends his regards er, functions.

Because he’s helped turn 2 game series to shit this gen?


Why was this thread moved?

We preemptively affording Safe Spaces to terribly dumb posters these days?


Mother birds wept.

combofiend is a member of capcom who worked on fighting game stuff.

Doesn’t belong in GD, famalamadingdong. :coffee:

Really easy to tell.
He worked on their 2 most important fighting game series, more so on MvCI, SFV while it didn’t flop, it didn’t manage to do according to theit expectations, MvCI flopped.
To what extent is him responsible for that and how much said he had on both games is not really important, he was the most visible member of the team working on the games, so even if it wasn’t really deserved his head was one of the heads on the chopping line.

Actually this thread exists is because you’re mom shouldn’t have let your dad touch her that night.

Why do i have to be dumb hell i been here for like 8yrs and have to have 50 posts to post in trading outlet so Thats why this is here. Online tough guys comedy