Does anyone know if Rumble Fish 2 is coming to PS2?

I just was curious if anyone on here knew of a release date for it. Or if it’s even coming to the ps2 at all.

Last I heard, the PS2 couldn’t handle it.

Last I heard, it was trapped in legal mambo jumbo land. Something about trying to figure out who owns the RumbleFish/Dimps or something.

I guess this will never happen at this time =(

I wish. Because the game is beast. =(

I know, is much better than the first title… i played in a local Arcade in my country (Chile) but everyone here just play KOF and no one plays it… South America sindrome.

Question about Rumble Fish 1 for PS2.

Does anyone have problems with their legit copies of Rumble Fish and PS2 Swap Magic discs? I heard there were some problems playing the disc via Swap Magic.

A friend of mine is selling the game and I just wanted to make sure there were no problems before buying it.

iirc you need 3.2 or higher or somethin

in Taiwan it’s pretty much the same

you go into an arcade and all you’ll see is KOF and gambling games…

thats whack!

they have KOF from 94~XI and even some fake KOF boards

but they don’t have any other games!

moves to Taiwan

I got a burned copy, never had problems with it. I don’t remember having problems with any other original/legit import I own Just with copies.

I use swap magic 3.6 on a SCPH-30001 console

Oh lord, the number of KOF 2k4 cabs I saw in china…

It’s simple, KOF is the fighter for Chinese players.

NO Street Fighter In Taiwan!!!

it really sad= =

i wanted to play 3s in the arcades but there are

we have qualifiers for SBO on KOF 98, XI…

it’s like nobody cares about street fighter!

theres a lil bit of GGXX,hokuto,TEKKEN5,Soul Caliber3,Virtual Fighter4 if your lucky enough to find one

we even have more InitialD than street fighter

it’s seems as if nobody like Capcom Fighting Games here

street fighter is the most unpopular thing in taiwan im not kidding :annoy:

P.S why are we talking about this instead of Rumble Fish 2?? haha
Rumble Fish 1 on my ps2 is a game that i will never know how to play :looney:

Oh boo to you, learn to accept your heritage. =P

Yes I play KOF. =P

yeah i play KOF too but not as much tho

but seeing that theres is only KOF out there that is being played makes me:looney:

it’s crazy that a lotta taiwanese people like playing the FAKE KOF

i think they like playing MAX SUPER version of KOF