Does anyone know if it's possible to modify this?

Here is the stick Playtech Pro Arcade Fighting Stick for Sony PS3 - PC - PS2: Video Games

Hi I own this stick and I am just wondering if anyone knows how to open this stick and if it is even modifiable.


Modifiable in what way? Just changing the buttons and stick? Adding PCBs?

Anything can be modded with the right tools and the know-how.

But if you had both of those you probably wouldn’t be making this thread, so I’m gonna go ahead and say no.

If price is really such an issue that you would be looking at $30 sticks, I would go ahead and learn how to install arcade parts into tupperware or a shoebox because that’s probably what you’ll end up doing.

Holy crap! Did anyone check this stick out of the box???
What the hell is wrong with the landing strip between the stick and the buttons???

Anyway, looks like it could be modified but why would you want to buy such a disaster of a stick and go through all the trouble(looks like tons of work).

That “landing strip” could, however, be used if you want to add ABC (all-button controller) functionality.

Possibly with a SPDT switch to for the grounds.

Yes the stick can be modded, anything possible with the power of old spice I mean Determination.

Should you go and mod this? That is the question you should be asking. At $30 I spend more on just a PCB when I am making one of my own mods. The length is a bit long but does not prevent modding. Its the depth that would concern me.

^what he said
keep in mind, you will need about 1 & 1/2 inches of clearance below the bottom panel if you are bottom-mounting it. JLF’s need a little less than 1.5"
i say buy and go for it. it might be fun. good luck bro!

Very odd design, you could prob add four buttons and make it a stick/hitbox hybrid.