Does anyone know a way to download embedded (javascript) flash videos from sites?

I’ve tried every add-on and stand-alone program that boasts the ability to download flash videos…and they work on sites like youtube, that don’t hide the video behind javascript. There’s been some talk of some chinese browser that can download ANYTHING you view. Anybody have any other solutions besides this elusive browser?

For clarification: downloadhelp, downthemall, freemake, orbit, checking temp internet, page info, none of them work.

StreamTransport - Hulu downloader/ Youtube downloader/ FLV downloader helps download hulu TV shows/ record hulu movies/ capture hulu videos. has worked fine for me on just about everything I’ve used it on… it embeds internet explorer and grabs the URL for the video from it and presents you with all the flash videos to select which to download… I used it during EVO last year to rip the live stream, and it worked just fine…

Holy crap…It works great! Thanks!!