Does anyone in the L.A. area sell NeoGeo arcade cabinets?

OK, so I’m thinking about buying one of these babies after X-mas, but the only place I can find them is on eBay, and they’re usually stashed away in remote places like Arkansas for whatever reason. And besides, I’m not too hip on buying something this big on the virtue of a few web pics and a paragraph of text. There has to be a reseller in L.A. where I can actually go and check out the machine before I decide if it’s worth buying or not.

Also, if anyone has any purchasing tips for a NeoGeo arcade cabinet (fair asking price, warning signs, no. of slots, etc.), I’d really appreciate it.

Dude, all the Japanese cabs are in your area!

Yeah, I figured they’d be pretty easy to locate around these parts, I’m just having a bit of a tough time doing so. And I don’t know the difference between the American and Japanese cabs, I’m just looking for any cab so I can buy a bunch of cheap MVS carts and plug 'em in.

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Oh, your looking for a Neo Geo MVS machine.

Just look on craiglist or go to your local arcade and ask if they’ll sell you one. That’s the best way to get a good price. If your try to buy one from a dealer your gonna get ripped off. I’d pay no more than 300.00 for a good one.

IF this is a cabinet for personal use then i suggest going the M.A.M.E cabinet way it will save you money.

youll need this

Arcade cabinet
M.A.M.E+ frontend
TV or arcade monitor
Joysticks + pushbuttons
maybe this
and this
and finally a PC decent enough to run M.A.M.E and other emus
well you get the idea

youll saves tons of cash on Neogeo games for sure.:wink:

PS: If this is for a legal business then forget it cause im not sure its allowed on the US to have M.A.M.E cabinets:sweat: Mexico has these machines everywhere:sweat:

Thanks for the suggestion hanz0, but I’ve been wanting a straight-up Neo Geo MVS arcade machine ever since, well, since before there were emulators, that’s for sure.:rofl:

Not that I have a problem with emulation, I run NeoGeo CD emulation on my Dreamcast all the time. It’s just that I want the real deal… you know, that old-school arcade flavor. The $300 price tag sounds about right, and it looks like I can get MVS carts for 20 bucks and up, so no problem there.

I want to say there was a place in Sun Valley that had some Neo Geo cabs for sale, but the price was definitely steeper than $300.

hey i been wanting stuff like that too i just can’t find it arcade type machine are hard to find since they basically disappeared in most places and i been scared that people might try and rape me if try and give them my contact info do you know any web sites where i can find any arcade machines

Ps(hoped i don’t kicked off the website for a couple days for posting rape)

you wont find any cheap machines on websites that sell cabinets I dont think. Your best bet is buying privately or from arcade operators who have stuff laying around garages and who just dont care about what they have or what its worth. I have had all my luck scouring craigslist and other forums and from buying from operators. There are sometimes some good deals to be had on Ebay assuming the hounds dont sniff em out first. As for the Neo cabinet, 300 is about right, but I have seen them go for more depending on the shape and onboard hardware. The good thing about the wood neo cabinets is that they are easy to find for the most part and turn up fairly regularly on craigslist. You just gotta be vigilant and get em first. Some people prefer the wood cabinets but I honestly prefer the candy cabinets myself, for extra clarification of what classifies these check out this link I love the nice big monitors and slick looks of these and I much prefer japanese sticks and buttons. Being that they are not native to the US though they are much more highly sought after and expensive, bit its all worth it in my opinion. I have 2 neo geo candy cabinets and a taito egret 2 cabinet and I love em all! If you are interested in getting a candy cabinet then talk to Matsu, a local dealer down in walnut, ca. He has cabinets ranging from 400 or so and up, depending on how new the cabinet is and what kind of monitor/chassis it has in it. Let me know if you are interested .Good luck with your search man, keep us posted if you find one!