Does anyone have experience with Sapphire video cards?

Long story short, I’m looking to buy a 512MB AGP card, and my store guy tells me that the next batch of AGP cards he’s getting is by Sapphire, so I was just wondering if anyone here has had good/bad results from those.

Sapphire is a fine brand for Ati cards, but when dealing with outdated shit you take what you can get.

i had a Sapphire a few years ago … never had any problems with it …
but yeah if you want agp … you have to take what you get

Alright cool, thanks

I have over 6 sapphire cards in my systems and they work fine…

the only thing yo have to watch out for is dust… the newer cards use some kind of wind tunnel thing that gets trap with dust… I went and replace that with a conventional heatsink fan setup


using a Sapphire Radeon x1950pro right now and never a problem with it they’ve always had excellent ATI products, If I was you though I would try not to spend a fortune on an AGP card

I won’t, it’s going to be under 50.

I just wanted to know what was thought of Sapphire as a company and the quality of their products, moreso than the expected performance of an AGP card. From what I’m hearing, I won’t have a problem with them

I dont’ think you will… it’s not good for overclocking if you were into that


I currently have 2x 4850s from them and totally love them. Been an eVga/nvidia user for years until I got these Sapphire cards several months ago.