Does anyone have any idea how to perform this?

YouTube - Broadcast Yourself. Around the first 24 seconds of the video you can see the player focus attacks yet ultras instantly after the focus without dashing. It gives the illusion that these ultras have hyper armor. My question is does anyone know how to do this and can you do it with regular special moves? thanks in advance for any tips peace.

It’s called Kara canceling. It uses the same logic applied to Kara Throws etc. You basically input two moves almost at the same time so the properties of the move activates but not the move itself, the second move is the only that’s activated instead.

They aren’t focusing in the video (expect for Dan). They are doing an armored move + the ultra at the same time.

For example Makoto’s doing an EX Command Grab (has armor) and the ultra immediatly. The command is something like this f, df, d, db, b + KK, db, d, df, f, d, df, f + PPP.

If you want to do an armored reversal ex fireball with Juri it would look something like this: d, db, b + P db, d, df, f + KK

Not sure if I was clear enough, someone ought to explain it better.

First of all, i’m going to have to know what race you are. If you’re white, expect to always be B-tier at best at any fighting game expect Mortal Kombat. Remember that when you see a video like that, from Japan, it could very well be that he’s doing that by hand, a feat that you will (I assure you) never be able to match.

In short no you cannot do this.

Like mwisk said, it is not a Focus Attack.
It is an EX Kara Cancel.

You do an EX Move that has Hyper Armor property.
Then you immediate do Ultra, or Super, or even another Special.

The first EX Move that you use to Kara Cancel does not get EX Bar used up. :wgrin:

This is in fact true. The game uses specially designed sensors within the controller/stick to determine ethnicity and will automatically formulate execution barriers for those that are not Asian. Alternatively, if the game senses that you are a fairly good player, it will randomly change the controls mid-game (such as from fierce punch to PPP) forcing you to pause the game and forfeit the round.