Does anyone have a laundry list of changes for Sean from SF3:2i to 3S?

Sean from SF3Si to 3S? I’ve alsays wondered what the complete list of nerfs look like for him.

Edit: while i’m asking what about the hurt/hitboxes from both games? Specifically 3S though.

sorry i dont have any information on Sean but im going to put you on hold and somebody will be right with you as soon as possible. ROFL

No one ever gets back to Sean.

No one here is likely to know, I’m guessing. No one played much 2I and most people aren’t interested much in Sean.

That Sean was really good in 2I and really bad in 3s is well known but like most 2I things I don’t think anyone has done much in depth research on it. 2I wasn’t played long competitively so it’s more a footnote than anything else.

There is no nerf. 3s Sean is even better. He has new basketball fakes and cross ups, you can’t handle his rush down.

You, I like you.

I destroyed your God ChrisG’s Sean

The Sean dream is dead

I have no god. I have only a pad, time, and grit.

Pad Sean- make America great again

They lowered the meter building on standing fierce, lowered the damage on the one super he could hit confirm from the easiest and some other stuff.

My boy Chris G passed the spirit of the pink Sean to my hands. He told me that at SummerJam.

Pink pad Sean- make everyone scrubs again.

Is that thick enough for you Bodler? (1:00)

They removed the dunk on his uppercut from 2I and gave him a shit uppercut instead.
Instant bottom tier.

I am happy to see that more folks are noticing the THICK, as opposed to those who still think thick = fat.

This woman has some THICK, but for a GrandMaster like me, she needs a little more Raw Milk and Heavy Lunges to get a pass to disrespect my face.

IIRC his SRK was amazing because it has range+the dunk. I know they made hyper tornado a 1 stock super instead of 2. Imagine if it was 2 stocks in 3S…

I wouldn’t call his SRK amazing, but it was worth being called a shoryu.

Sean is crappy for a lot of dumb reasons. Most of his shoto normals have worse frame data than the other shotos. It’s hard to blame people for thinking hes underrated since he walks and quacks like a shoto, but then you play him and realize its Ryu covered in molasses.

well you could just play the games if you really wanted to know. but since you’re asking for info, you probably don’t care THAT much (rightfully so).

really no one gives a fuck this is why i laugh when ppl bring up sean 2i/3s outside the 3s boards.
because even 3s players who have obscene knowledge don’t care. because it’s sean. and it’s 2i.

sean is cool but that’s about all he has going for him. coolness.

2i is a crazy ass game. Kinda sad that OE wasnt a compilation of the games.

its fun to just go and look back for sure.

but no one cares about 2i except in that historical sense, to go and look at for a bit and say ‘that’s neat’.

or bring up one of these talking points: the music is better than 3S, the stages are better than 3s, sean was a beast, 2 stock denjin.
people always forget the most shocking change from 2i to 3s, necro has no stretching normals in 2i.