Does anyone have a Capcom Impress cabinet?

Hey peoples,

This is a longshot, but does anyone have a Capcom Impress cabinet they’d be willing to scan the control panel for? Or perhaps take an extremely high-res photo of?

I have a longstanding personal affection for the design of the control panel (“Experience for yourself the enchant-ment you have never encountered before…‘BATTLE ON !’”), and I want to reproduce it as a template for the TE, RAP, and possibly other sticks. I’d offer the template files here on SRK.

(If someone in the LA area has one, BTW, I could possibly come and scan it.)

Thanks a lot!

this ?

found in this thread

this ?

found in this thread

Hmm, suddenly interested in doing an Impress lookalike for the TE/HRAP.

Yeah, that’s it! A scan would be best (I’m a perfectionist like that), but that image would work as reference in a pinch.

I know right? It has a quaint charm to it. And it would be pretty easy. I’ve already done the Impress logo, which would be the most time consuming part.

Figured I would just go for it, since it’s such a simple design:

HRAP (sans turbo area) first, because it matches the swoop of the Impress cabinet and I also have one laying around I want to mod. I’ll do a TE version later and post both when I’m satisfied with 'em.

Argh! Beat me to it.

What I want to know is how you did that effect on the bottom pink area.

Ha ha, you had me running scared!
I knew you’d do a perfect rendition of it, so I figured I’d better hurry up :wink:

I did the pink part the same way I think Capcom did… It’s just a standard Pixellate -> Color Halftone at default settings.