Does Anyone Else Think that The "Most Wanted" New Characters are a Waste?

Phoenix Wright and Squirrel Girl? REALLY?
PR would be funny but would he even be worth it?
How about Strider? How about Juggernaut? Psylocke? I mean come on. <-- All of these are better.

Game needs Wasp.

Sonic the Hedgehog for DLC.
You heard it here first.

Phoenix Wright is more unique than the other 4 that were rumored imo at least.

Spider woman - We have Spiderman
Megaman X - We have Zero
Frank west (No idea but guessing…) - We have Chris
Ms. Marvel - No idea.

(Yes yes, of course they are different somehow from the ones I compared them too but still there are BETTER picks out there)

Idk, as long as its varied im cool with any pick really.

As far as Marvel characters, I don’t have many opinions, but Megaman X has gone too long without fighting game representation. It pisses a great many of us off that X isn’t in MvC3 even though Tron Bonne and Zero are. Personally I think Megaman would be an interesting keepaway character, or atleast something different than the blind rushdown that most of this game is.


that is all.

I think new characters should contribute to a “meta” game mentality in future games. Whatever characters are chosen don’t matter to me as I just want new ideas over just offense.

My thread explaining this …