Does anyone else miss Jhun and May Lee?

They were my fave characters besides K’ back in the day, and they still are now. I would love to see them make some kind of a comeback to the KOF series

Yes, they should bring back more characters like the ones mentioned. 13 has too many “shotos” imho.

I liked May Lee, but i never thought to highly of Jhun. I wouldn’t mind if they brought them both back, and added them to Kim’s team.


Yes, it would be nice. Was glad that both returned in 02UM

May vs Juri for CvS3 would be awesome.

May Lee Jinju is the best. Probably never see her or Angel again though because of the whole Eolith mess. Sucks.

Jhun kicks drew blood i miss him dearly sigh

May lees voice actress died a while ago from cancer.

We don’t need May Lee and Leona in the same game. Leona has enough superhero/anime references, May Lee is overdone, typical Eolith.

On the stance character thing though, Jhun is cool. I kind of wonder how he’d compete in XIII though, his moveset doesn’t seem friendly to the system’s combos and general EX stuff.

I liked May Lee a lot. The only problem I had with her was that some of her sprites were really sloppily done, which could of course be remedied. I am more looking forward to when the timeline has gone on long enough for them to consider putting Rock Howard in the fricking game. He better be in the next dream match, seriously.

I loved 2003 Jhun

Yeah I loved both of them and would love to see them return.

I miss Momoko and Tizoc.