Does anyone else get a lot of inputs when doing SRK motions to the right?

When i do motions to the left, like b, d, db, and i look at input display, i get exactly those inputs.

When i do SRK to the right, i get something more like f, df, d, df, df, P or even more commonly, f, df, d, db, d, df, P, f

i mean the SRK comes out alright but I feel like there could be some potential problems. Has anyone else encountered this problem and is it even worth addressing? I do find that when i do SRK to the left i can get the next SRK to come out right on the landing frame with high consistency, but to the right sometimes i just get crouching P or even a hadouken

I among many others have the same problem when fighting on the P1 side. Especially when doing double motions my inputs are all over the place.
Yesterday I was trying to ‘clean’ my inputs on P1 side. After like 30 minutes I finally figured what my main problem was

When on p1 side while doing the motions I never let go of my stick and my inputs were exactly the same as you.
Instead of holding the stick i tried tapping forward, then let the stick go back in its neutral position and then d, df. Same for double motions: d, df, f, neutral, d, df, f.
This is also usefull when trying to combo crouching attacks into shoryuken (without the shortcut). This way i FINALLY got my inputs cleaned out.

Hopefully this helps

Cleaning up your inputs is really important, if your playing on pad, OK, pulling SRK’s on pad is killer hard.
But on stick you need to fix up, personally i found playing street fighter from P2 side was much easier, i remember in the arcades if i was on P1 side i’de ask to swap sides in game LOL.

But staying on topic, basically your going to have to put in the work to get clean inputs, there is no shortcut. i don’t try to use shortcuts for SRK’s as they don’t exist in other fighting games.

when i do an SRK, the motion is F,D,DF, instead of pretending like the motion is a Z shape if you know what i mean :S. i like to think of it as a C shape in the bottom corner of a square gate.if you try it in training mode your SRK will come out clean.


that tap forward trick is actually useful, but if i need to do an SRK on a whim i feel like spamming it would be more beneficial. the thing about doing the neutral input on the double motion supers is that if you want to throw a super in a combo that neutral phase has to be so incredibly short. I started using this technique where i simply push the arcade stick down with the inside of my third and fourth fingers and then forward with the palm area right where those two fingers start. It works ok, and its pretty clean, but its hard to do at a fast speed.

The SRK shortcut is universal, it works on any game with an SRK. I don’t see any feasible way to actually go from cr. MK to SRK consistently without it unless i have god speed hands. On the left side i can do it, but unfortunately the input is so similar to a double motion super input (because double motion supers can be shortcutted by not pressing the final forward aka d df f d df + P gives you the super on every street fighter game) that if i try to do a crouching move into SRK the super will come out instead of i have meter, So i guess what i really need to work on is getting that slight pause downpat

how could this topic possibly need a new thread?