Does anyone collect CGC slabs?

i’m very interested in maybe dabbling in this hobby.

i was thinking of collecting every allstar superman from 1-12. for some reason, i feel like it will be a classic eventually and hopefully can turn a profit later in life.

what do you think of this? do you think it’s a good idea? or should i start collect raw books.

I think every comic book you collect should be read and enjoyed, not stored in an airtight adamantium case for all eternity. Unless you happen to find a copy of Action Comics #1, or something like that. Then you should sell it, make a fortune, and then buy the reprint of it so you can read it.

Hmmm… I got into CGC for a while. I CGC’ed all of the ‘Wolverine: Origin’ books as soon as they came out. It was pretty expensive to do the grading and I ended up getting grades ranging from 9.6 to 9.2. I never even took them out of the bag, lol. I sold them on eBay and only got back about 50% more than what I spent on the comics and grading combined. Then again, that was only a few months after the series was released. Things could be different now since it’s no longer being printed (I think).

These days most new comics are not as collectible as they used to be. In case you didn’t know, there was a comic book bubble that burst about a decade ago due to people buying tons of copies of easily available comic books. Sure there are variant covers and alternate editions, but the resale market is much smaller for newer comics, even down the line. You have to consider factors like the grading score, rarity and availability, writer and artist combination, character popularity, etc. etc… Unless you have something that’s rare and in decent quality, then you may not make a lot of money. Do some research on the market and scoring procedures. See if it’s cheaper for you to just buy them CGC’ed or to send them in for grading yourself. You also have to put yourself in the buyer’s mindset. The majority of people interested in ‘All-Star Superman’ probably just want to read it and will pick up the graphic novel. The collectors exist, but there is only so much that they are willing to spend. And on top of that, they probably already have the originals and may only be interested in the variants.

The only reason that I can see in CGC’ing comics these days is as a form of appreciation and display–like a painting.

Hope that helped!

The difference between displaying CGC’ed comics like paintings is that comics are meant to be read. Otherwise, why not buy original artwork instead? It’s much more expensive, yes, but buying an original Brian Bolland cover, for example, is more akin to buying a painting than hanging a CGC’ed comic on your wall.

i did more research after my initial post and realized exactly what you said. modern comics aren’t the way to go. so i decided to collect first appearances for minor characters i really like.

i have this vision of having a row on a bookshelf full with graded comics exactly what u said as a form of appreciation and display.

so here’s what i got so far raw and waiting to be graded.
Fantastic four 45 (first appearance of black bolt!)
Fantastic four 65 (first ronan)
x-men 129 (first emma frost and kitty pryde)
x-men 141 (first rachel summers/start of days of future past)
thor 337 (first beta ray bill)
and a horrible copy of fantastic four 18 (first super skrull). my first purchase and huge mistake =/

anyone collects comics here? and are selling?


i know what you mean about comics are meant to be read but i feel like half the enjoyment is hoping the value appreciates over time.

i just sent out my first cgc book
waiting for a nice grade… but if not, oh well, thems the breaks

and basically i would never cgc a book unless it had some kind of crazy rarity, like if i somehow stumbled upon a daredevil #1

then what crazy rarity did you send out? lol so curious now

this bad boy

its not some kind of crazy silver age comic
but its got a good rarity to it and its nice to have turners final sketch variant

ooooooo. hope u get a 9.8+ good luck!

haha i doubt it
im HOPING for a 9.6
but id even be happy for a 9.4

i bought the thing for 30 bucks from my local comic shop, so it was a winning deal either way