Does anybody remember the mid-90's Street Fighter comic by Malibu?

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Just browsing the SF comics forums and I noticed that NO ONE has mentioned Malibu’s Street Fighter comic (or maybe no one WANTS to mention it).

I’ve only read the first two issues of it (out of the total THREE). I used to think that the comic was cool (I was like 13). Although in retrospect, I realize just how BAD it really was. The art work stunk.

I remember the plot itself being fucked up! I shit you not when I say that they offed Ken in issue #2!


Sagat beat Ken to death and mailed his bloody scalp to Ryu!


Maybe THAT’S why Capcom pulled the plug on it!

Like I said: I only read the first two issues and never read the third. Now I realize I was better off.

Thank you Udon for not screwing it up this time.

Many apologies for opening old wounds. Feel free to discuss your disgust!

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I still remember getting those comics on my trip to America when I was a kid. The comic I first read (Honda vs The Ferit) wasn’t too bad then (probably because I was still in my teens and had no clue what was happening). I then found all 3 comics later and soon realised the comic was an ultimate dud. What a disappointment.

I think they were going to try bringing Ken back (i.e. he wasn’t dead), but Capcom felt it was too bad to continue. Put that into prespective by remembering that they let SF Movie and the US SF animated be released makes you realise how bad the comic was.

The art couldn’t be worse. How can you make Chun-li THAT ugly???

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You know, I really wish there were scans of this comic. I really do. Its all very well saying how bad it was ut without witnessing it I can’t get the feel of how bad exactly. I never got the chance to lay my hands on it and thats a shame.

Strangly the idea of killing of Ken doesn’t sound that bad to me - of course - I’m a git. Still it be nice to see just how awful this thing was.

Scans of the cover can be found here: (the 2nd one oneward, the first one is the official movie adaptation comic)

Hey! thanks a lot!

chuckles Nice Personal Pic to.

Here’s (For anyone who missed it) something I posted at the last thread for this comic, here you can see what Malibu’s plans were & can probably see why I think it’s awful:D

Semi here!

Damn… I’m even more relieved that they pulled the plug! The plot just wouldn’t work! :lame:

Thanks for the info, nortlee!

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i already made a post about this!
but i think when the site crashed it was delteled!

anway ryu and chun li makeout:cool:

Sad to admit I have that first issue. It was pretty damn terrible. The only thing decent about it is the one frame of Chun Li with her hair down before she hands Ryu his own ass.

Nah it’s not lost it’s here:
old SF comic

Because it’s over 30 days you probably couldn’t see it, the forum automatically sets itself to see things within 30 days unless you change it.

lol I have all 3 issues of that piece of shit!

I also have the special graphic novel version of them (they just put all 3 isuues in one book).


Oh my god that’s horrible… :eek:

Where’d you even find that? Man…no wonder it died so early, and the cover art looks horrible. I almost want to track down the issues just so I can see what a car wreck it was.

Speaking of weird Street Fighter tie ins, how about that RPG from White Wolf?

It was in the final issue (#3) of the comic book series at the back, it was practically they’re way of trying to make some kind of weird legendary goodbye… Which failed IMO

Is that one drawn any good? What does it look like inside?

The art is very similar to that of the cover. It’s quite impressive now bad they made the characters look. If I remember correctly, Blanka was wearing glasses :lol: Crazy or what…

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