Does anybody have the frame datas of the exclusives?

I really wonder how their frame datas are. Today I played Pac-man to troll people and I got SPD’d after his flipkick ON HIT,lol. I particularly wonder it’s data.

I think all Pac’s flip kicks are about an 8 frame start-up, but none of them have any invulnerability, even the EX Version which is worthless anyway. I only really use it as an anti-air if anything and tag him out if I have meter.

Noone should ever use the HK or EX versions unless you want him to die.

I used the HK version but it did hit the opponent, and he was grounded. It was Zangief, he got knocked down. The stupid falling animation must be too long, the opponent SPD’d it before I could recover. So is the move any good at all? How safe can it maximmuly be? Also why not use the HK version but the others? I also wonder the data on his projectile and if the EX is worth using.

I really wish Brady Games would have released the guide with EVERY character in it. It’s not like the exclusives or DLC characters weren’t sitting on the disc. I almost feel ripped off.

Do we even have frame data on the dlc characters yet?

*edit: appologies for the offtopic post.

Yea we need frame data for the new chars.

This is for Sakura anyway, taking my post from Sakura forums

Japanese mook might have it. I will double check when I get home.

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