Does any stick work with any game?

I’ve been thinking of picking up the MadCatz SE edition stick for SFIV and MvC2 when it comes out on the XBL Arcade. I was wondering if that stick would work for MvC2 or if it’s just designed for the Street Fighter series.

If not, advice on a generic stick to work with all games would be appreciated.


The stick should work for generally any fighting game on its system…it’s not really game specific.

I played Dynasty Warriors 6 on my SE stick.

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Short answer: yes…

although the PS3 versions of the SF4 madcats sticks do not seem to work with backwards compatible ps2 games. Xbox verion is all good though.

yea if its an xbox stick it should work with any game and i mean any cuz yesterday i played Left 4 Dead for shits and giggles with my TE stick and it worked, was hard as hell to play with the stick but it worked :stuck_out_tongue:

It was a legitimate question. I found out that the SE stick did not work with the PSN download of Street Fighter Alpha (PSX conversion) for the PS3.