Does any one know where to get a good capture card?

hi, everyone
Does anyone know where to get a good capture card, or what the best current card there is?
for 2015 or 2014

Honestly I’d go with Amazon, sometimes you get some sweet deals. As far as best capture card, depends on what you want to record. For straight up HD content, I hear good things about the Elgato HD60, it even captures at 60 frames. The only draw back being it doesn’t have native support for stuff like composite, s-video or Componant. The earlier model does have support for those other formats, but only records in 30fps. Though speaking from hands on experience, its a very easy card to use and the quality is very good. And no matter what anyone says avoid the blackmagic cards, They are VERY picky and will only work on very specific setups.

I’m happy with my Blackmagic Intensity Pro for 720p60. Works fine on Windows Vista and Windows 7. I think the Intensity Shuttle was the one that was really picky with setups, and I’m reading the Intensity Pro 4K right now is just flawed. But I know for sure the Intensity Pro has a passthrough so you don’t have to get a splitter to display your gameplay while you record.

My friend seems pretty happy with the AVerMedia CV710 ExtremeCap U3 capture card for 1080p60 (sample).

I’ve heard the Micomsoft SC-512N1-L/DVI is pretty good too, also 1080p60 (review).