Does any one know where to get a good capture card?

Does anyone know where to get a good capture card, or what the best current card there is?
Trying to capture Black ops MVC3, SSF4AE, and a bunch of other games

Why not just use a software solution like fraps etc? Cheaper and if you’re going to do any sort of editing a card isn’t going to make much of a difference.

And as far as “best” goes they pretty much all do the same thing these days just some have a few more options so it depends on how complex you’re trying to be.

$40 or $200 isn’t going to matter too much.

you can’t use fraps on a ps3/360. I have this card:

it works great with my ps3.

see videos:

that card doesn’t look that safe if it’s all exposed like that, does that come in a case or something?

its a pci-express card, it goes into a pci-express slot inside of your desktop PC.

avermedia also makes an external USB version of the hd-dvr, but that is more expensive.

Sounds like something I need. I want to capture some HD footage, but I’d prefer if I can record it to my laptop. Could you elaborate on how this would work and where I could get one? Best ones, cheapest ones, etc?

If you had checked the Info Thread, then you would have realized that we already have a thread for this.