Does any kind soul know what joypad SnakeEyes use?

Does any kind soul know what joypad SnakeEyes use ?

I simply cannot figure out how a 360 or 720 motion can be carried out by a joypad …

How SnakeEyes can do these moves is Utterly Incredible !!!

it’s a madcatz fightpad.

I have one myself. 360’s are actually one of the easiest things to do on pad. thumb>wrist.

even a 360 controller makes 360-720 easy. I’m not sure what you’re talking about. you literally just have to spin your thumb.

That’s why the two Giefs to ever make Top 8 at Evo in SF4 have been pad players (Vangief and Snake Eyez).

That and Snake Eyez also won HDR using Gief…on a pad again.

Anyone knows what pad does - Vangief use ???

The one that SnakeEyes used on EVO2014 does not look like a Madcatz …

I may be wrong … but it looked different somehow …


I’ve seen snake’s pad up close many times on stream. it is definitely a fightpad.

And seriously, pretty much any pad is good for 360 motions. they’re easy as hell on a pad

FlashMetroid got top 8 with Gief using stick.

It’s a madcatz fightpad, doing 360’s on either stick or pad is easy, the tough stuff he does isn’t on the SPD’s, it’s on the spacing/reactions department.