Does any find james chen's commentary annoying?

i was watching some of the streaming for the recent socal tournament and i swear everytime after something cool happens james chen or other guy yell out “oooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!”, it may be cool to yell out once, but when it starts happening 2 or 3 times a match it just gets annoying. i think he needs some more vocabulary during the more intense moments in matches…
anybody agree?

i find his commentary enthusiastic and informative. He’s well presented and likeable. He did shout a bit too much for my tastes but it wasn’t skisonic level and like i said him and UD were presentable and informative, best combo of commentators yet

yes u r right about a few of those things. he does make informative comments. but the skill of being a good commentator is to call the big moments and not just yell when something cool happens

Agreed, however the commentary game for live SF streams a relatively new one, i think they’re doing a great job given the amount of experience they’ve had. After the screaming fest of the evo finals i was happy with the reduced levels of noise. Not everyone is the same, maybe some of the younger players (i’m 28) enjoy the ‘hype’ style commentary, so perhaps this was an appropriate middle ground?

It was better than the evo ssfiv finals commentary, props to UD for wearing a shirt and tie, much easier to watch and respect the commentary of someone who doesn’t look like they crawled in after a 72 hour stint in their local arcade.

James Chen is the fucking best, one of the most passionate commentators ever.

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Next there’s gonna be a threads about wether or not you like how a player’s or commentator’s sense of fashion, or does smoking in between tournies REALLY help someone focus and relax, or which top player gets the most “punanny”.


I like his commentary.

James Chen commentary is fine, But ultra David is boring and I dislike his voice.

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anyway, I wouldn’t know if his commentary is good or bad, I’m too busy actually being at the tournaments to notice.

For real… Dude seems like he’s on his first date ever or something. Just stutters and repeats what the other person is saying because he has no original thought. Every 2 minutes he goes “I like that”.

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I think Chen’s commentary is great, particularly when it comes to explaining matchups. He usually does a good job or outlining what each character wants to accomplish in the match, what they’re trying to set up, etc. I like UltraDavid’s commentary because he is actually critical of the players and comments on what the players aren’t doing as well as whats on screen. He kept using the phrase “I really would’ve liked to see… _____” as a polite way of saying the player missed an oppurtunity, and “I like that” as a way to commend it. He might not have been particularly hype or whatever you want to call it but UltraDavid’s commentary was on point, and reflected his technical knowledge of the game.

The duo of UD & Chen however… might not have been the best. Especially when Chen was making lame jokes/puns and UltraDavid just kind of left him out there in awkward silence. They probably should’ve had Ski on at some point during the finals, or all three.

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